Update on rider left with broken neck after tractor road accident

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Update on rider left with broken neck after tractor road accident

Last week we reported on the incident involving 28-year-old Rosie Archibald of Honeybourne, Worcs, and her horse Rio, being hit by a tractor whilst out riding. Rosie has since informed Everything Horse that:

“I was discharged from hospital yesterday and will have to wear my neck brace for the next eight weeks until I have to go back for an operation.”

On her ex-racehorse Rio, who she was riding when the incident happened she assures the readers he is recovering:

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“Rio is good and the vet will be out later because the stitches have torn apart so need to be re-done.”

A second MRI scan revealed the extent of the damage is worse than first thought, with both her C5 and C6 vertebrae broken. Rosie will be unable to ride for 6-8 months and is having to rely on kind-hearted equestrian friends to look after Rio for her while she is immobilised.


Rosie appreciates all the support she has received from other members of the equestrian community stating:

“Everyone has been amazing; I’ve had loads of people I don’t even know donating to the just giving page my boyfriend made for me. All the love and support has been brilliant and I am so grateful.”

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In a statement regarding the accident, Rosie’s friend and witness to the incident, Vicky Tomkins, expresses her concerns regarding rider’s safety on the road:

“People state that horses should not be on the roads. Riders are losing fields for houses which in turn pushes us on to the roads. Local councils do not maintain bridle paths”

Social media has been inundated with well-wishers for Rosie and Rio and appeals for drivers to take more care around horses on public roads.

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Author: Suzanne Ashton Founder, Everything Horse email: sashton@everythinghorseuk.co.uk

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