Robinson Animal Healthcare Cotton Wool Ideal for Delicate Areas

Veterinary cotton wool is ideal for cleansing around delicate areas such as the eyes.

Robinson Animal Healthcare Cotton Wool, Ideal for Your Horse’s Delicate Areas

Robinson Animal Healthcare Cotton Wool is perfect for use around your horse’s eyes, nose and other regions we care not to share …

As we approach spring, it’s a must-have product for every horse owners first aid kit as flies and other pests start to invade our horse’s environments.

Robinson Veterinary Care Cotton Wool
Robinson Veterinary Care Cotton Wool – new packaging

Made from 100% pure cotton, the premium quality cotton wool is soft, absorbent and gentle on the skin. All cotton used is sustainably grown and is 100% natural and degradable.

Ideal for topical wound cleansing, particularly around delicate areas, it is also suitable to be used as a secondary layer prior to bandaging.

Now available in two pack sizes, an economy 350g roll and a cost-effective 500g roll. Veterinary cotton wool is packaged in a hygienic drawstring bag to keep the cotton wool contained and clean.

Robinson Veterinary Care Cotton Wool is available from a variety of our preferred online retailers;

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Amazon 350g roll @ £7.49 including free delivery, click here.

OR, Viovet 350g roll @ £5.50 delivery not included, click here.

For more information contact Robinson Animal Healthcare on 01909 735000 or visit

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