Pilot Protect Joint Supplements for Riders


It is a fact of life that as we age so do our joints. Our joints can receive much wear and tear over the course of our life just from regular daily activity. Joint deterioration is inevitable however, those that take part in regular strenuous activity are much more prone to joint-related issues.

Horse riders, in particular, tend to experience joint problems thanks to all the hours spent in the saddle which is considered on the grand scale of things to be a physically demanding sport. Excess stress on the bones and muscles from time in the saddle is common and can impact riding ability significantly. This is where taking a daily joint supplement in the diet can be particularly helpful.

Pilot Protect is one of the very best on the market right now. It does exactly what the name suggests. Helping to protect the joints from further wear and tear as well as nipping any aches and pains in the bud.

Let’s take a closer look at this supplement to give you the complete 411 on how this popular supplement can help you with joint-related issues.


How can Pilot Protect Joint Supplements for Riders help?

The ultimate goal of Pilot Protect is to help safeguard your joints from wear and tear. It essentially assists in slowing down the deterioration of the joints in addition to managing pain associated with joint-related issues. Pilot Protect can be used as a safe daily supplementation that has proven to increase mobility and free movement allowing you to stay comfortably in the saddle for much longer.

Since horse riders are considered athletes in their own right, a daily dose of Pilot protect can help maintain joint health and can assist the body in producing more cartilage to shield and cushion the joints. Many athletes find a daily joint supplement of this kind can be a lifesaver for those suffering from severe arthritis or osteoporosis.


Ingredients used in Pilot Protect Joint Supplements for Riders?

Choosing the right ingredients are a vital part of selecting a joint supplement that will really work. Most of us will pick up a supplement and not take too much notice about what is contained within. Like with all things in life some ingredients work very well and some do not. The right mixture of ingredients that makes up the formula is also something to take note of.

Let’s take a closer look at the composition of Pilot Protect to give you a good indication of how likely this supplement is to work for you.


It is not often you come across a joint supplement that doesn’t contain glucosamine. It is one of the single most important ingredients in these type of supplements. One of the main functions of glucosamine is to maintain cartilage structure. It also has the ability to slow down the deterioration of joints whilst assisting with the management of associated pain. More often than not you will find glucosamine working together side by side with chondroitin.


Calcium is one of the key ingredients that can be regularly found in joint supplements. This macromineral can be found in high quantities in dairy products and plays a very important role in maintaining bone integrity. As well as bone health it contributes to neurotransmitter release to help with brain imbalances and overall physical wellbeing.


Chondroitin is another popular ingredient used widely in joint supplements. This powerful ingredient will often be seen working together with Glucosamine to create a powerhouse formula. Chondroitin is a naturally occurring substance that is already found in our cartilage. It prevents collagen from being destroyed in the joints and although not a pain reliever in its own right, can significantly help to reduce inflammation.

Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic acid is probably better known as vitamin C. It can work wonders for reducing inflammation by removing free radicals that essentially cause the body harm. Additionally, Ascorbic acid works to elevate collagen production which can assist with increased mobility and making you feel much more comfortable in the saddle.


MSM, otherwise known as Methylsulfonylmethane, is a regular addition to joint supplements. This widely used ingredient helps your body hold on to and preserve all the good stuff such as proteins and other ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin. Additionally, it helps to form and preserve collagen which is vital for healthy joint function.


Pros of using Pilot Protect Joint Supplements for Riders

  • Ingredients scientifically proven to work
  • A formula that contains the right mix of ingredients
  • No unwanted side effects (safe to use)
  • Ultimate joint protection long term
  • Helps to manage pain from arthritic symptoms
  • Fantastic value for money
  • A trusted brand for complete peace of mind



Pilot Protect Joint Supplements for Riders is a powerful addition to any horse rider’s daily diet. All the ingredients used have been scientifically proven to work for joint-related issues. More importantly, the right mix of ingredients is contained in the formula. Making this one of the most successful products of this kind on the market.

If you are struggling with arthritic symptoms this supplement is an absolute winner. It helps to manage the pain associated with this crippling condition whilst working hard to prevent any further damage taking place. Improving your mobility and freedom of movement is what Pilot Protect does best.

We can’t find fault with this product at all. Try it now and discover the amazing benefits for yourself!

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