Hannah Biggs Wins Advanced Medium Open Freestyle

Hannah Biggs and Don Caledonian

Hannah Biggs Wins Advanced Medium Open Freestyle

Hannah Biggs and Don Caledonian, known as Archie at home, were over the moon this week after winning the Advanced Medium Open Freestyle at the Winter Dressage Championships. 

Almost two years ago, Haygain® sponsored rider Hannah Biggs and her bright hope for the future, Archie, secured a title at Medium level, so it was celebrations all round after their exciting win in the Advanced Medium Freestyle class at the Winter Dressage Championships at Hartpury.

Hannah Biggs and Don Caledonian
Hannah Biggs and Don Caledonian

The Advanced Medium Open class is always competitive and a highlight of the final day of the prestigious championships and this year’s entry list certainly didn’t disappoint.

As Hannah and Archie entered the Hartpury arena and their names were announced to the spectators, she gave the sign for their music to begin.  Whoosh! To everyone’s surprise, Tinie Tempah echoed from the speakers, with the judges visibly sitting to attention.  Entry, halt, salute, walk, pirouette and onwards; but certainly not your average start!  Hannah and Archie performed a highly technical floor plan which the judges could not ignore (even if the music may not have been their personal choice) and Hannah’s 75.83% score proved to be impossible to match.

Sired by renowned Oldenburg dressage stallion Don Schufro, Archie was bred in Scotland by Caledonian Sports Horses and Hannah bought him direct from a video.  His breeder, Reay Campbell, still follows the liver chestnut’s exploits closely.

“I’m never one to be boring,” said Hannah.  “I like to wake the judges up!  When we were looking for music for him with Tom Hunt, I wasn’t sure what to have; I didn’t set out to be so different but modern and funky just really suited him and his personality.  We then developed a floorplan to use his strengths and it’s really paid off.”

The win was extra special for Hannah as her top ride and ‘super star stallion’ Weltzin won the title in 2008, on his way up the ladder to Grand Prix and who is now retired.  “If he (Archie) does half as well as Weltzin, I’ll be very happy.   He has all the promise, he’s getting better physically and technically – it’s all there.  We’ll move up to Small Tour soon and aim for some Premier Leagues and see how it goes,” Hannah commented.

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