Dealer Duo Charged for Drugging Ex Racehorses to Sell

Dealer Duo Charged for Drugging Ex Racehorses to Sell

Dealer Duo Charged for Drugging Ex Racehorses to Sell

Two Kent based ‘lady’ horse dealers have been charged with drugging ex racehorses before selling them to novice owners, making a considerable profit of around £4,500 per sale. They were found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud through false representation following a 14-week trial.

The duo, who operated under the name of South East Horses and Mid Kent horses, sold many unfit and unsafe ex racehorses to riders who were not only left displeased but have, in some instances since been left seriously injured. Horses sold by the pair were unfit for resale due to complex health issues, leaving not only the new owners but the horses in inexperienced hands.

A dismissed vet was also involved in the undertaking of this fraudulent, intolerable, cruel act by assisting in the sale of ‘healthy horses’ by fabricating a veterinary report. A total of 17 horses were sold during 2008 – 2013 with a considerable amount more than that believed to have been unrecorded.

In one case they were said to have ‘told a story’ on how the horses previous owner had rode it despite suffering from cancer. Staff at the yards were paid to administrate the drugs prior to a viewing to assist in the horses performance or behaviour, disguise pain or discomfort, or potentially aid in the overall mentality of the horse, that would be otherwise, unsuitable for a young or novice rider.

Tragically, in some cases, following an official veterinary report some of the horses sold were put to sleep due to serious health issues.

All three have been released on bail and will be sentenced at Maidstone Court on the 11th July 2016.


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