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Tips on How to Remember a Dressage Test

Top tips on how to remember a dressage testTop tips on how to remember a dressage test - Image Hannah Esberger-Hancock - Leonidas III

Tips on How to Remember a Dressage Test


Let us help you remember a dressage test! There is no bigger a frustration than wondering on the extra marks you may have earned if you'd of remembered your dressage test! Maybe it was a moment you forgot the next movement or the fear of not being able to remember in the first place that's loosing you valuable marks and hindering progress. This month we've teamed up with some of the industries leading dressage riders to give us their tips on how to remember your dressage test.

Top Tips on How to Remember a Dressage Test ....

Dressage Rider Gareth Hughes

Sponsored by Animalife

"Read through the test and get a general idea of where you are going, then start at the beginning and learn it as a pattern,  slowly adding one movement at a time." 

Para-Equestrian Dressage

Olympic Gold Medallist Sophie Wells

Sponsored by Weatherbeeta

"I used to forget mine all the time when I was younger. What really helped me was to set out a mini arena in the car park and or at home, and walk through it several times. That way the pattern got in my head.

Another good way is to video yourself doing the test and watch it back, you can also then try and visualise the test in real time, by closing your eyes and keep checking where you are.”

Dressage Rider Natasha Baker, MBE and Gold Medalist Paradressage 

Sponsored by Golly Galoshes and Dressage Deluxe

"I used to walk the test out in my garden over and over and you can use cones or something similar for the markers on a smaller scale." 

Dressage Rider and Dyson Stallions Owner Lara Dyson

Sponsored by Alltech

"I prefer to rely on repetition in my training, riding the test instead of reading it, then I visualise myself riding it too."

Dressage Rider Emma Woolley

Sponsored by Caldene

“Start learning your test at least a week before the competition. Incorporate parts of it and some of the movements into your schooling and then piece it all together for the day."

Image credit John Minoprio; John is also the owner of the horse in the image, I-Catcher
Top tips on how to remember a dressage test

Dressage Rider Hannah Esberger

Sponsored by Dengie

“I’m lucky in that the tests tend to stick in there!  However, I have been known to ‘get lost’ whilst enjoying the way of going of a particular horse but then logic kicks in. Tests tend to be symmetrical, what you do in one direction is generally repeated in the other.  I ride blocks of the test movements to help me remember and practice a lot!”

Image Hannah Esberger-Hancock riding Leonidas II at the BD Winter Championships in 2016

Dressage Rider Rebecca Cowderoy

Sponsored by Global Herbs 

“I am very lucky that I can now learn my tests having only looked at them once or twice and very rarely go wrong, but that didn't used to be the case. As a teenager I used to struggle to remember them and would go wrong on a regular basis. I used to lay out an arena on my bedroom floor and use my Julip toy horse and go through the test! If you struggle to remember tests run through them at home in whole and ride through specific areas of weakness in the test as well. Another top tip would be on the day only look at the test you’re riding first so as not to get confused with any other tests later in the day.”

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