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Essential Grooming Accessories – Groom Away From Horseware

Groom Away from Horseware tried and tested products

Essential Grooming Accessories - Groom Away From Horseware

Having a well stocked grooming box and first aid kit is essential at any time of the year, especially over the winter months. With the colder weather effecting everything from horses legs to paddocks and hard standing, owners find themselves turning to lotions, ointments and other remedies to help their horses fight the effects of the winter weather, in the best way they can.

Groom Away from Horseware Ireland offer a selection of must have grooming and first aid box items. Here we test two of the product range; Heal to Seal and Purple Spray.

Seal to Heal

Complete wound protection from Groom Away by Horseware - Apply directly to,and around, the effected area once cleaned and dried (where possible). Acts as a plaster for your horse's wound to keep out mud, flies, dirt, bedding and other foreign objects allowing the area to heal.

We found this product was a great addition to the horse's grooming/first aid kit. Easy and quick to use, the spray is ideal for a cut to the leg, a deeper wound or any other part of the body by creating a film like seal over the affected area.

We used this product on a mare that had, what looked to be, a kick mark to the off hind. Once the area was thoroughly washed out, the seal was easily and quickLy applied and acted as a natural barrier when turned out into what is a thoroughly wintered field. Over the following week the injury healed quickly by being kept clean. We reaplied the spray initially once a day, after three days very little attention was needed. 

Also good for cracked heals.

Cost 12.95

Size 100ml

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Purple Spray

Purple spray with a difference from Groom Away by Horseware. Ingredients include Tea Tree (great for infections), Chamomile (anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant rich) and Arnica (great for bruises and again acts as an anti-inflammatory agent).

The combined natural ingredients of this Purple spray make it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, proving to be one of our favourites in a long list of purple spray products, as it still gets the job done with a kinder combination of ingredients.

We found this product to be quick to use, with minimum mess as the container didn't leak (essential when using any type of purple spray). A great way to keep horse's frogs and heals clean from bacteria, especially when standing in heavy deep litter type beds. Also ideal to use on minor scratches and cuts or for cleaning a larger damaged area.

Cost 10.50

Size 200ml/250ml

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We strongly advise if you are in any doubt over the degree of an injury to your horse to seek veterinary advice immediately.

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