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Dressage Products for the Arena

Dressage Products - MarkersDressage Products - Markers are a great way of making sure you know where you're both going!

Dressage Products for the Arena

Have you turned your thoughts to dressage for 2017? If so, these products should help kick start you and your equine partner in your new direction!

Dressage Products - Markers

Stubbs Dressage Markers

Mark out your school, arena or field with a set of Stubbs dressage markers from Abbey England. Placed around the edge of your schooling area, the letters are used during a dressage test to instruct the rider on when to perform different transitions or changes of direction.

RRP £74.99 


Learn a Dressage Test

Double sided whiteboard with dry marker, designed to help memorise dressage tests. One side for 20x40m Arena and one side for 20x60m Arena. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth after use.

RRP £7.99


Laminated Dressage Tests - Preliminary

The Approved Official British Dressage Tests with Diagrams in A4 format and with a clear and concise layout. These tests sheets come with diagrams adjacent to each movement and are designed to help the rider understand and learn the movements of the dressage test more easily.

RRP £19.99


Dressage Bundle - 20 x 40


The kit contains all you'll need to mark out a dressage arena, in a school or on a section of field. Contains 8 summit dressage markers and 17 practice arena boards, each at 1m long.  Pegs available to order in packs of 10 to secure the dressage boards to ground.

RRP £194.99


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