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5 New Year’s resolutions you’ve most probably already broke

5 New Year’s resolutions you’ve mostly probably already broke

We are now almost half way through January so surely we’ve all had enough time to break almost all of our New Year’s resolutions (pessimistic aren’t we)

Here’s our top six resolutions we’ve already heard a few people say whoopsies to;

1. To ride more – to transform from the weekend rider to Charlotte Dujardin 👌🏼

2. To walk or cycle to and from the stables at the weekends and potentially through the week too, so by the time the summer is here you will be fighting fit and ready for all those shows!

3. An obvious one… the diet! A new leaner you will help you ride better, with more focus and determination –  think Louise Saywell, Guy Williams etc …

4. To be more organised and prepare at least a weeks worth of haynets at the weekend – although you still haven’t made it to the tack shop as you already know those haynets are over priced anyway!!

5. Spend more time with your horse – a tough one we know but damn it’s cold out there…

Now we know we only said five BUT let’s throw a sixth one in for good measure …

6. Pay your stable rent on time – sorry do what on time..

Ok, so all of these may not be exactly you to a t but, over the years past, you’ve got to have known some of your horsey chums to do such things….

Missed your broken New Year’s resolution? Why not leave in the comments below what it was and how you broke it.

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