TopSpec Antilam Offer April/May 2019

TopSpec AntiLam Offer

TopSpec Antilam Offer April/May 2019

TopSpec Antilam £8 off throughout April and May (2019) while promotional packs last.

If you are looking for nutritional support for your horse or pony, prone to, being treated for or recovering from laminitis?

TopSpec AntiLam is a pelleted multi-supplement and is used and recommended by nutritionists, vets and farriers.

Most overweight ponies, and some overweight horses, are susceptible to laminitis, as are horses and ponies diagnosed with Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), Insulin Dysregulation (ID) and/or Cushings (PPID).

AntiLam is a brilliant formulation combining several supplements with a high fibre, very low-calorie carrier to make it palatable. Long term trials at Middle Park Laminitis Research Unit showed that horses and ponies on restricted/poor grazing do not gain any weight when fed AntiLam. It can also be used very successfully as part of a calorie-controlled diet when weight loss is required.

This unique multi-supplement is so palatable that it can be fed out of the hand to horses and ponies at pasture to provide vital nutritional support.

AntiLam should be fed on its own with forage. The forage can be in the form of late-cut hay and/or unmolassed chops e.g. TopChop Lite, TopChop Zero, controlled grazing, or a combination of these, depending on the individual circumstances.

Needing Feed Advice? TopSpec offer free feeding and management advice from the Multiple-Award-Winning Helpline on 01845 565030.

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