Pony Club Members to Qualify for the Mini-Major at Olympia

2016 Mini Major winner Annie Gibson (aged 11 from the Iveagh Branch) and Anna Power. Image credit Kit Houghton.
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Pony Club Members to Qualify for the Mini-Major at Olympia

The Pony Club Mini-Major returns to Olympia, the London International Horse Show, this December, and for the first time the eight Members taking part will qualify by winning one of five competitions held throughout the UK at British Showjumping and Showjumping Ireland shows.

The Mini-Major is a popular annual event which sees Pony Club Members pair up with a top international rider in a thrilling competition to each complete a Showjumping round in the quickest time, with the fewest faults.

The competition is open to all Members of The Pony Club aged 12 and under, riding JA* or JC** ponies not exceeding 128cms (or 12.2hh). The qualifying classes will be 90cm, table A7. Riders do not have to be members of British Showjumping to take part but will need to compete on a British Showjumping ‘Ticket to Ride’, and can enter a qualifying competition via the Secretary of their chosen show.

The venues and dates for these qualifiers are as follows:

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South View, Cheshire: 27-28 May 2017

Bicton Arena, Devon: 24-25 June 2017


Raedemon Estate, Crossgar, Co. Down: 10 July 2017

Scottish Home Pony (SNEC), West Lothian: 20-24 July 2017

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Welsh Home Pony (Wales and West), Monmouthshire: 28 July-01August 2017

The winner of each qualifying competition will be invited to compete at Olympia, subject to eligibility. A further three riders will be selected by the Chairman of Pony Club Show Jumping based on their home address and their results in the five qualifying rounds.

“This new system of qualifying is intended to increase the level of publicity the event attracts, and ensure the riders taking part meet the minimum standard required,” commented James Loffet, Chairman of Pony Club Show Jumping. “This should mean the competition, which is always thoroughly enjoyed by the crowds at Olympia, will be more nail-biting and exciting than ever.”

Justine Naylor, National Director of Sport for British Showjumping commented “We are delighted that the Pony Club saw British Showjumping as the right environment to qualify riders hoping to compete at Olympia.  With qualifiers starting at the end of May we look forward to welcoming junior riders from across the length and breadth of the country and wish them all the very best of luck in their quest for qualification.”

This year’s Mini-Major will be held on Sunday 17 December at Olympia, The London International Horse Show.

For more information, including rules and eligibility information, please visit the Showjumping page of pcuk.org or email Kelly@pcuk.org.

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