NEW Ruggles & Stopitall Launch Environmentally Friendly Fly and Bug Repellent

Beat The Bugs With Ruggle-it Fast!

NEW from Ruggles & Stopitall is Ruggle-it Fast – an environmentally friendly fly and bug repellent that really works!

Quick and easy to use, Ruggle-it Fast comes in a concentrated formula and a free sponge to apply it with. All you have to do is simply add tap water, shake and it’s ready to use instantly, next week or next month!

Ruggle-it Fast will make up to two full litres so is very cost effective and will see off horse flies, flies, midges, mosquitoes, mites and other bugs whilst still being gentle on both animal and human skin. In fact it’s actually beneficial for your skin, so no need to wear gloves and can be used to deter bugs bothering you too!

Here at Ruggles and Stopitall we are very aware of environmental issues. Ruggle-it Fast is made from natural ingredients and so there’s no need to worry about run-off into drains after bathing your animal or if you are river swimming or wild camping. In addition all our plastic containers are fully recyclable worldwide and even the cotton bag we give away free with 1st order starter-packs is fully compostable.

Said National Hunt race horse owner, Gay Hartley, from West Yorkshire:

Horse flies were plaguing my summer-resting race horses and driving them demented! They were swishing their tails and tossing their heads constantly. After applying Ruggle-it Fast as instructed, calm now reigns and it’s keeping all insects at bay.”

Ruggle-it Fast can be used on horses, ponies, donkeys and all large livestock as well as working dogs and hen houses plus humans too!

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