Fun in the Sun for the Invitational Mini Major Relay at Bolesworth

Invitational Mini Major Relay Louise Saywell & Charley Bevan winners of Archco Developments Mini Major Relay

Fun in the Sun for the Invitational Mini Major Relay at Bolesworth

In a break from the more serious competition of the day, this afternoon’s Invitational Mini Major Relay, sponsored by Archco Developments, entertained crowds aplenty with speedy ponies, brave young riders and International Superheroes.

First out was Louise Saywell and Charley Bevan to ride the fancy dress themed class. Setting the expectation from the start the pair opened in style finishing with a clear round, stopping the clock on 52.98 seconds.

Second in was a Teletubby dressed Ben Maher, with Henry Squibb. Although the boys rode a good round, a pole was lowered resulting in four penalties, dashing their hopes by leaving Saywell and Bevan in the top spot.

The next clear round to grace the international arena was pairing number seven, Scarlett Ward and Lucy Bowen Howard. Although both put on a crowd pleasing spectacular, the slower time of 53.78 seconds meant they were some way from the grasping the top spot.

The real pressure was on when Chloe Aston and Scarlett Cox Lomas , who were second to last to enter the arena, produced a clear. Unfortunately though, they were still unable to beat the earlier 52.98 time set by Saywell and Bevan. A respectable second was still achieved by stopping the clock on 53.88 seconds.

Top 8 Placings

Louise Saywell and Charley Bevan – 52.98 seconds – Clear

Chloe Aston and Scarlett Cox Lomax – 53.88 seconds – Clear

Antonio Marinas Soto and Noora Von Bulow – 57.10 seconds – 4 faults


Scarlett Ward and Lucy Bowen Howard – 57.38 seconds – Clear

Corrine Collins and Crista Lockhead Anderson – 57.44 seconds – 4 faults

Ben Maher and Henry Squibb – 59.75 seconds – 4 faults

Anthony Condon and Ellie Burrell Squibb 67.41 seconds – Clear

Jodie Hall Mcateer and Harry Clark Tomlinson – 68.40 seconds – 4 faults


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