Finding the Perfect Rug

Bucas - Atlantic Turnout Rug



With Winter well on the way, this month the team at Bucas offer expert advice on rugging up.

Rugging Up for Winter

Whatever the season, the weather remains unpredictable, so it is important to have a variety of rugs covering light, medium and heavyweight, to ensure your horse is fully protected.

The filling of the rug will be shown in grams, ranging from lightweight with no filling to heavyweight rugs with 400g of filling.

Bucas - Atlantic Turnout Rug
FEATURE IMAGE: Bucas – Atlantic Turnout Rug

It is crucial your horse maintains the correct temperature; common signs that a horse is cold include if he looks uneasy, is shivering or has hair standing on end, with his tail clamped tightly down or has cold ears.  If he is too hot, your horse will be sweaty, have an increased pulse and respiration, or may seem anxious.

The breed, age, fitness of the horse and clip needs to be taken into consideration. A competition thoroughbred will need a thicker rug for example than a hacking cob.

Adding a neck cover is a great way to ensure your horse stays warm and comfortable. Neck covers are extremely versatile as they can be added or taken off depending on the temperature.

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Finding the Perfect Rug

With the changeable British Winter weather, it is ideal to have a variety of rug weights so your horse is fully protected. Bucas provide a recommended temperature gage for each of their rugs so you can ensure you are choosing the right weight for your horse’s needs.

Bucas Atlantic Turnout
Bucas Atlantic Turnout

Try not to simply follow size guides – always measure your horse first. Use the Bucas sizing tape to ensure you get the right size rug for your horse. The guides usually work from the height of the horse, but the weight of a horse will make a difference on the sizing, therefore a lightweight 16hh horse will need a different size rug to a 16hh heavyweight horse.

Try not to simply follow size guides – always measure your horse first. Use the Bucas sizing tape to ensure you get the right size rug for your horse.

When looking at turnout rugs it is important to take into consideration the nature of the horse when in the field, so the aim should be to find a rug that lets the horse have the freedom it requires in the field, but remains slip-free.

It is crucial to ensure that the rug fits correctly at the withers as this will avoid excessive rubbing and pressure.

Freedom Turnout Coffee
Freedom Turnout Coffee

When ensuring a secure fit for a turnout rug, the front fastening must be secure with a good hold. Bucas rugs use the latest mechanism when it comes to fastening rugs and making them quick and easy for owners to put on and take off.

The Click ‘n’ Go system has a magnetic Snap-Lock closure on Bucas’ premium range continuing the technical thinking behind the collection.

A second fastening system is the T-bar with magnetic Snap-Lock closure which again ensures the rugs are securely fastened and helps prevent slip and movement.

Also look for rugs that have cross surcingles, as this will eliminate any pressure to the spine.

Neck covers are ideal to help keep extra warmth in during those cooler periods, as well as keeping mud off your horse’s neck.

Mary King said: “I love the quality and finish of all Bucas rugs. They look so classy and are extremely versatile. They provide superb comfort for my horses.”


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