Equifeast Calmsden Development Bursary Finalists Announced

Equifeast Calmsden Development Bursary Finalists Announced - Image Ben Newman, one of the finalists

Equifeast Calmsden Development Bursary Finalists Announced

The Equifeast Calmsden Development Bursary received more than 100 entries in 2017. The bursary is aimed at riders who are competing at both the Summer and Autumn Equifeast Calmsden Horse Trials.

Four finalists were chosen after the recent July event and will receive both feed support and training with Cassie Price, one of Equifeast’s associated instructors, before the October event. Following the October Equifeast Calmsden Horse Trials one winner will be chosen to receive support for the whole of 2018.

The finalists are Jo Reynolds, Ben Newman, Jenny Hampshire, and Jessica Clews.

Ben Newman and his pony Midnight are from Castle Eaton and are already reaping the rewards of being a finalist. Ben’s mum Eleanor comments

“Ben and Midnight had their first lesson with Cassie last week, concentrating on flat work as dressage it is their worst phase.  Being a Welsh section D Midnight’s natural way of going is with a high head carriage and he can be quite tense. Although he works in an outline, Cassie was helping Ben work for a longer, lower outline producing a more relaxed horse.  By the end of the lesson, we had a much better overall way of going.  Ben really enjoyed his lesson, finding that Cassie explained everything in a way that he could understand and put into practice.  The next lesson is just before the  next Calmsden Event”

“All four finalists are worthy of our support, they impressed us with both their application forms and their riding at Calmsden. They  will be followed closely over the coming months and we look forward to seeing them progress.” Malcolm Green, Marketing and Research Director, Equifeast.




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