5 Top Reasons to List in an Equestrian Business Directory


5 Top Reasons to List in an Equestrian Business Directory

Considering listing your business in an equestrian business directory? Here are 5 great reasons to do exactly that! 

As the world of digital advertising continues to evolve the need to be seen online, alongside the opportunities to, continues to increase on a daily basis. Brand awareness online (learn more on Qualtrics) is more important than ever before! Popular social media platforms offer a variety of groups for business ads however, this can dilute marketing efforts as most receive no engagement, if and when the page moderators approve your posts.

5 Top Reasons to List in an Equestrian Business Directory

  • A good foundation for any initial marketing plan

Starting out is never easy. Planning, effort, cost, marketing, and proving your business will stand the test of time (along with blood sweat, and tears of course) are challenges any new business owner will face. Creating that initial ‘killer’ marketing strategy could make or break the first year of any business. Listing in niche business directories forms a foundation for that plan, it’s cost-effective and each listing will last normally up to one year!

  • Inexpensive advertising

Often, the charge associated with listing in an equestrian business directory is minimal. The Everything Horse Business Directory offers a cost-effective way of being seen on the web, with a basic listing, including website link and images, being free! Most directories offer premium listing services too that include options for videos, social links, increased capacity for image uploads, opening times, and more.

  • Appealing to the right audience

There’s no better way to be seen where your target audience already exists. Listing on a website that nurtures a community of like-minded people, with interests and needs in your specialty, is definitely a great place to start.

Top Tip: If the website does hold other information services such as news and articles, get in touch with the editor to see if there are editorial opportunities or other forms of publishing availability that could further help you increase your reputation.

  • Improve backlinks to your website

When you launch your website it will take time for search engines to assess and rank the quality of your website’s keywords and keyphrases; they will compare this to other sites that are also ranking for the same keywords. Competition is high, especially for popular terms. Listing your website in an equestrian business directory, will give a boost in search engine rankings as the ‘bots’ will recognise an established site trusts your content.

  • The directory won’t rank you for popularity like search engines do…

As already mentioned above, competing in search engines against other websites with similar keywords is tough! There’s no point in sugar-coating it; if you want to appeal to the right customer it’s going to take a considerable period of time and effort to climb your way to the top. A popular choice is to consider hiring an SEO expert but, be prepared for costs to stack up considerably. Listing in a business directory offers a diverse method of ‘ways to be found’. You won’t have to compete in the usual ‘popularity’ contest for keywords as when visitors search directory listings results are delivered with less competition, and of course for the small fee of an upgrade you can appear at the top.

To list your business services in the Everything Horse Business Directory, click here.


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