Book Review: A Standard Journey – Jackie Parry

A Standard Journey - Jackie Parry

Book Review: A Standard Journey – Jackie Parry 

A Standard Journey - Jackie ParryA Standard Journey – Jackie Parry

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5 horses, 2 people and 1 tent….. What could possibly go wrong?

When Jackie Parry and her husband decided to sell everything they had and go on the trip of a lifetime with 5 rescued horses I am sure a lot of people thought they may be mad. Jackie had horse experience from over 20 years ago and her husband Noel had sat on a horse about 40 years ago! They may have been amateur horse people but they were no strangers to adventure having already sailed around the world at the equivalent of one and a half times. This time the plan was to ride the Bicentennial National Trail in Australia. It is a long distance multi use trekking route stretching for 5,330 kilometres, no mean feat by any means and with all your worldly possessions on horseback and 5 horses to care for it is some challenge!

But this isn’t just a tale of adventure it’s a tale of something special and unique. Not only did Jackie and her husband give up everything for their trip, they gave up everything to rescue 5 horses. The horses were adopted from the Standard bred , Performance and Pleasure Horse Association. Although not common in the UK Standardbreds, or trotters as they are often known is big business in Australia, and like horse racing in the UK many are retired and in desperate need of new homes after their often short career is over. The interesting thing that anyone who has ever rescued a horse will know is that often they are the ones that end up saving you!

This is a book which takes you through a full range of emotions, from joy to sadness, from excitement to fear. There is humour and tears throughout and everything in between. You will feel like you are on the journey alongside. The author tells her true life adventure from the heart. At the core of the book and what is shown throughout is Jackie’s passion for horses and her heart to provide them with a better life. It is a true inspirational story and I challenge you to not want to feel like selling up all yourself and going on your own adventure. We often think life would be better with more money, this product, that new car, the new job etc but the reality is that life is what you make of it and as any horse lover knows it is made all the better for sharing with an equine friend!

A beautifully written book which anyone who loves horses and dreams of adventure should read!

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