What’s New: Designer Jewellery and Cob Gaiters

What’s New: Designer Jewellery and Cob Gaiters

A great way to start a new week! Here we take a look at what’s new in the equestrian industry from Iconic equestrian & lifestyle designer, Sylvia Kerr and the company responsible for equine gaiters, Golly Galoshes.

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Sylvia Kerr Introduces SKJ Equestrian Collection

Sylvia Kerr Jewellery is thrilled to introduce the SKJ Equestrian Collection; a stunning new diffusion capsule collection featuring equestrian highlights and beautifully delicate pieces.

Inspired by the ‘charm’ of equestrian styling, the SKJ Equestrian Collection celebrates our love of horses through beautifully handcrafted stirrups and horseshoes, hung delicately as charms with amethyst stone highlights.

Amethyst is believed by some to cleanse one’s energy field of negative influences with purifying properties, a fitting choice of stone and the brand colours of this respected equestrian jewellery brand.

Each piece is created with love in Scotland with bespoke options also available.

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Gallop away with affordable pieces starting from just £44.00. Click here for further information.

Golly Galoshes Launch NEW Cob Gaiters

Golly Galoshes, the gaiter designed to protect your horses’ boots and bandages from dirt, mud and wet has just launched a brand-new size exclusively for traditional cobs and horses.

Having spent over 24 months perfecting the gaiters, the British brand has designed a breathable and waterproof version for cobs with 9 – 10 inch bone and those owners with traditional cobs.  The gaiters which are wider and shorter in design, have a generous elasticated section, wide zip fastening and super-sized covering.

Golly Galoshes Traditional Gaiters emailer.jpg
Golly Galoshes Traditional Gaiters emailer.jpg

Created to contain the feathers within the gaiter, this new design is perfect for pre-show class warm-up, everyday wear and even for use during shoeing.

Golly Galoshes, previous winners of the BETA Innovation Awards, are proud to sell their British manufactured gaiters worldwide.

Special Introductory Price for Pair: £29.99 Visit www.gollygaloshes.com 



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