The Top Horse Activities Beyond Riding

The Top Horse Activities Beyond Riding

Is your perfect day a long trail ride through the woods with your best friend? Or maybe practicing unique dressage patterns?

If so, you will love these exercises and activities you can do with your horse when not on its back. It’s time to take the weight off and have a good time.

Read on for inspiration!

Relax With Your Horse

In the midst of training and riding, how often do you take it easy and do nothing together? It is relaxing for both of you and further builds your bond.

Did you know horses can be so gentle as to even qualify for an emotional support animal letter? Yep, they know how to care for humans and make a big difference in the mental health of their owners.

While horses are much bigger than cats or dogs, the emotional connection formed between horse and owner is even deeper since you work in tandem on the field.

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Just Have Fun

Unlike other pets, horses are naturally prey animals. Those instincts are still in their brains even after being domesticated, meaning they can get easily stressed. Treat them to some playtime!

It is essential for a horse’s well-being to play. On a hot day, head out a small brook or stream and splash around to cool off. Just make sure the water is shallow before heading out. Your horse will thank you, and you will have just as much fun.

Invest in some durable balls and toys, and you can even play a round of kickball together! Your horse will be grateful and form more positive ties with you.

The benefit of play means your horse, and you can build an even stronger bond which in turn can help you when working together.

Practice Ground Ties

Contrary to the name, no knot skills are necessary. A ground tie is when your horse calmly waits in one place without needing to be hitched up. This is an important skill to master early on in a horse’s development.

The skill on the human’s end comes from reassuring the horse and keeping them relaxed and full of trust for their owner.

It is handy to have this skill down pat in case you find yourself far from any suitable posts.

Add More Meal Times

In the wild, horses spend more than half their waking hours eating. On the farm, horses are often underfed and overworked. When your horse is hungry, it will start acting out and not following your instructions.

Owners often mistake hunger for other behavioral issues. Before you call in the vet or professional trainer, make sure they are well-fed and offered plenty of water.

When you are training your horse, use treats as positive reinforcement and as a way to keep their energy up for a long day of work.

Improve Recall Skills

Horses are smart creatures with sensitive hearing. You can easily train them to come when their name is called. When your horse is across the field, you’ll be happy if all you have to do is holler, and they come running.

Impress your friends with the bond and listening skills you can instill in your horse.

When you train your horse, try using their name in combination with a treat for safe, positive name reinforcement.


Horses have been domesticated for thousands of years. But the relationship between owner and horse is unique every time. You’ll find a personality unlike any other horse the more time you spend together as friends.

Explore all there is to do when you aren’t riding around on your horse’s back.

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