The End of January Already! Welcome To The New Year

Harrison Equestrian lorry being towed

The End of January Already! Welcome To The New Year

Firstly I would like to say Happy New Year to all of the people that read my blog! I wish you all the best for whatever you have planned this year.

If you read my December blog you will already know what I have mapped out for 2020, which I am chuffed to say that I’m already underway with!


Grace has already had two outings to Foxes Equestrian Centre!  After all of my worrying about her not wanting to load and with the help needed from Patrick Gracey, I was understandably on edge with how she would actually travel … and I’m relieved to report she has been an absolute dream.  Once she is on the wagon and the ramp is up, I don’t even know that she is in there.  She walked off the wagon on arrival to Foxes both times like a pro! You can see the shock in my face below!

Grace; "This is a piece of cake!"
Grace; “This is a piece of cake!”, me “ok, wasn’t expecting that!”

During our first visit, I decided to take my time and lead her around, allowing her to have a good look at both indoor schools, the outdoor and also the yard area where there was a lot going on.  On our second visit, we did the same and even followed it up with a successful short lunge session, taking our time is really paying off.  We are now booked to go back the first week in February where I plan to get on and have our first schooling session in an indoor.  To top it all off, I have been brave enough to book her in for a young/nervous horse clinic on 15th February too (I will update you on how we get on next month).

Grace taking to her first outing like a pro, few!
Grace taking to her first outing like a pro, few!


Candy will be taking part in her first Unaffiliated Elementary dressage competition in February, which we are already training for and really looking forward to.  If all goes well I will register her with British Dressage and start looking at entering some Affiliated Novice classes.  We will be having regular lessons with Matt Burnett which I hope will be as good as our first one last year.

Donna riding Candy
Me and Candy during a recent dressage clinic.


Unfortunately, Harley has a hoof abscess at the moment so all of her attention and experience with humans is based on farrier visits and dressing changes, however, this will soon change soon! Once she’s well again, I will get in the school with her to start some leading exercises, followed by some stretching and desensitising. I still plan to have her loading and travelling around locally to friends yards during this year which will give her something to think about and help her learn and grow.

The Wagon

I was extremely excited about getting the ramp of the wagon refreshed, however, during my return trip from Preston my trusty wagon unexpectedly broke down on the M6 Thelwall Viaduct! The incident caused the first lane to be blocked for around thirty minutes (a very scary experience which I wouldn’t recommend).  I was looked after very well by the police, traffic officers and Nathan from the recovery company who got me home in a very quick time which was greatly appreciated.

On the plus side I now have a very beautiful ramp with all of the horses seem to like.

New Home

Finally, the hunt has started for our new forever home.  Currently we have been to see three properties however none of them have been the perfect fit for us, yet! So the hunt will continue and I will let you know as soon as the search has ended.

Team Harrison Equestrian are really looking forward to 2020 and being a sponsored rider for Everything Horse.

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