Take Advantage of Sportsbook and Casino Bonuses


In the digital age, you can wager horse races online, anywhere, even from the comfort of your home. Multiple online betting platforms with agreements with tracks allow gamblers and fans to watch live races and bet on them. 

There are many reasons to bet online. Bonuses and promotions are one of them. New online casinos with free bets, discounts, and promotions are worth joining. Here is what you need to know about sportsbook and casino bonuses. 

1. Bonuses Have a Deadline 

Rarely will you find a sportsbook giving members more time to utilize bonuses. Bonuses are available for a specific period, and gamblers should keep that in mind to ensure they don’t miss out. Some rewards are active for several days, and others can be available for a couple of weeks.  

Read the bonuses’ conditions so you can utilize them before they expire. 

2. Bonuses Will Reduce Risk When Betting on a New Game 

It is easy for gamblers to lose more money when betting on games they are unfamiliar with than games they understand. 

Bonuses allow them to learn the ropes of the new games and general wagering with minimal losses. Instead of using your money when learning a new game, you can use the bonuses, promotions, and free spins until you are confident enough to wager with your own money. 

3. Better Rewards 

Some bonuses have the potential to provide you with better rewards. For instance, the bonuses can be free spins, additional funds in your bankroll, and free bets.  

Using the bets and additional funds increases your earning potential when wagering.  

Types of Bonuses to Look Out For 

Bonuses and promotions are not all the same. Here are some of the common promotions. 


1. Free funds 

While most sites don’t give away free money, others could deposit cash in your account, which you could withdraw or use to wager. Note that most funds come in small increments of about $10. 

2. Free spins and bets 

These are very common and allow players to bet and get real payouts. 

3. Deposit bonuses 

When you make a deposit, the book may decide to match it and give you an additional equal amount. Deposit bonuses are a percentage of your deposit; the rate will vary depending on the book. 

4. Reload bonuses

This match bonus is often given when members make subsequent deposits. The bonuses are a percentage of the deposit made, and the rates vary with the betting site.

5. No deposit bonuses

Sometimes you don’t even need to pay anything to get bonuses. Some casinos give members no deposit bonuses. These are usually immediate bonuses given to members as soon as they complete setting up an account on the platforms. 

The bonuses are usually small and designed to help you learn a few games on the platform before committing real cash. They may be in the form of cash, free bets, and vouchers to use on specific sports bets.

Loyalty Programs

If you stick to your casino site for a long time, you could qualify for loyalty rewards. Loyalty program rewards are usually acquired through point accumulation. For instance, you can earn 1 point for every $50 wager on a horse race and select games. 

You get a wide range of rewards depending on the points you accumulate. It could be cash back, free bets, discounts, access to new games, or even an opportunity to bet on select sports.

While some rewards are received immediately, others are delayed. Cash back rewards are loyalty incentives issued after accumulating points. Casinos use immediate rewards to attract members and delayed rewards to retain them.

It is also important to note that some rewards are offered in tiers, so don’t get confused about why you are not a beneficiary of some of the rewards. The tiers could be based on the amount of spend, membership duration, and others games. A high spend often attracts better rewards.

Loyalty programs come in many forms, from getting enrolled in competitions to cashback and loyalty points.

1. Competitions

You can enroll to wager horse racing competitions through loyalty programs. Often, you will be allowed to bet on the game within a particular timeframe, after which they expire.

2. Loyalty points

You can earn loyalty points every time you wager. Loyalty points can be redeemed for bonuses or cash, depending on the casinos and the terms of the incentive. You can also use the points to bet directly on the site.

3. Cashback

You could get this incentive if you are a high-roller and a loyal member of your registered casino. Cashback programs give back part of your spending; if you spend a certain amount, you get part back.

Benefits of Casino Bonuses

You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to utilize bonuses offered to you for several reasons.

1. They give you a great start

As aforementioned, bonuses allow you to play games you are unfamiliar with without committing real cash. You can use the bonuses and free bets to learn the basics of games and sports you are interested in.

They give you the confidence to learn by minimizing risk.

2. Reduce risk and increase potential gains

Remember that you get to win more when you stake more. However, for good bankroll management, gamblers allocate a small portion of their money to betting on some games, which is a good thing.

Bonuses give you additional cash to bet and the potential to make better wins without actually risking your money. However, note that betting with bonuses does not increase your potential to win.

3. Allows you to try more games

Casino platforms offer hundreds of games and sports to bet on. However, you may not be able to bet on all the horse races and polo sports simultaneously. Bonuses give you the flexibility to explore different bets without upsetting your bankroll.


Bonuses and promotions from sportsbooks and casino sites have cost benefits. Some websites have licenses, some don’t; websites such as casinonutansvensklicens.net will help you identify those that don’t. Read the terms and conditions governing their use to make the most of the promotions. 

Bonuses allow you to enjoy more games and minimize risks when learning new betting ropes.



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