Sporthorse Welfare Foundation announces first president

Sporthorse Welfare Foundation

The Sporthorse Welfare Foundation (SWF) has appointed its first president, Dr David Marlin from Cambridge (UK). Dr David Marlin is President of the (UK) National Equine Welfare Council and advisor to the FEI on Climate Management and has been actively involved in promoting the welfare of horses in sport for over 30 years.

Dr David Marlin
Dr David Marlin

The decision was made at the first in-person meeting of the SWF since its formation in early 2022. The meeting took place in Sweden, and the majority of the SWF’s founding members, which comprises vets and scientists, were present.

The Sporthorse Welfare Foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit, non-political member organisation that supports the use of horses for sport and leisure activities. It aims to undertake studies that will generate data to support evidence-informed approaches to sport horse management and training, which in turn can help inform practice and improve sport horse health, performance and welfare.

The SWF has already embarked on its inaugural project with more than 100 equine professionals involved in equestrian sport and federations, representing over 24 countries around the world, all of whom have been questioned about their views on equine welfare within horse sport.


Dr David Marlin said, “I am extremely honoured to have been nominated by my peers to take on this role. In my lifetime, I have witnessed many improvements in the welfare of horses used in sport, but I believe there is still significant potential for further improvement. I am excited by the prospect of this role with SWF to ensure the enhanced well-being of sport horses across the globe.”

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