Stephen Hayes – Sponsored Rider


Stephen Hayes – Sponsored Rider

Stephen Hayes is an International Grand Prix Dressage rider who is currently based at the Piaffe Performance Centre in New Jersey, America. Born on our home turf this super talented young man is makes the art of Dressage look effortless, like water rolling from a ducks back!

Before deciding to concentrate on Dressage, Stephen spent time studying at the Northern Racing College following school as well as looking into farriery and competing, it was during his time working with National Champion, Mike Jones, in the North West (UK) he discovered his passion for Dressage. Since then he has enjoyed working at the Oldencraig Equestrian Centre, Beatriz Ferrer Salat where he trained with Spain's No.1 International Dressage rider and now the Piaffe Performance Centre, one of the most prestigious successful Dressage centers in America.

When back in the UK Stephen organises clinics and training days to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with us 'Brits'. When at work, over in America at Piaffe Performance, he rides a range of horses from the young and uneducated all the way to Grand Prix.

Stephen Hayes has trained with some of the most respected riders, trainers and judges in the world. We are thrilled to have Stephen as one of our sponsored riders for 2015 - 2016!

Sponsored Rider - Stephen Hayes