RockTape UK Launch Equine Movement Taping Course

RockTape UK Launch Equine Movement Taping Course.

RockTape UK Launch Equine Movement Taping Course

RockTape UK are excited to announce the launch of their much anticipated Equine Movement Taping course. RockTape have expanded on their industry renowned Fascial Movement Taping courses, taking the same principles of postural correction and injury management and prevention used in humans, and applying them to horses.

RockTape equine tutor Maria-Verena Weinberger explains the philosophy of kinesiology taping including, how it works, what its’ effects are and how to apply it appropriately.

“Horses have highly developed feedback mechanisms from their coat, so the light sensory input of the tape can have a dramatic effect on their movement.  RockTape can assist with controlling pain, promoting range of movement, increasing muscle activity, inducing an earlier occurrence of muscle peak torque as well as functional performance enhancement. This can help with injury management and rehabilitation, and correction of unwanted postures or movement patterns.”

The first Equine Movement Taping course takes place on 12th &13th March 2016 at Equine Therapy Solutions in Oldham. Owner Dawn Rothwell explains why she’s looking forward to hosting the course.


“We’re really excited about hosting RockTape’s first Equine course. As a sports therapist for athletes and equines I have seen the benefits of RockTape on both. It can assist in making significant changes to posture, gait and performance. It is something that every therapist can use easily and effectively to ensure correct rehabilitation work is carried out”

Places on the course are limited to 8 and can be booked through RockTape’s website by clicking here

To compliment the course the Equine Kinesiology tape has been designed specifically for use with horses, the extra width (10cm) and stronger adhesive enables the tape to stick to the horse’s coat for longer than traditional tape. To find out more please visit the RockTape website