Product Review Covalliero Carla Ladies Winter Jacket

Product Review: Covalliero Carla Ladies Winter Jacket


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Here, Everything Horse sponsored rider Donna Harrison (Harrison Equestrian) reviews the Covalliero Carla Ladies Winter Jacket.

Donna’s Review

Since the day I was given this jacket it hasn’t been off my back, I have worn it every day. I can honestly say it was love at first sight, I literally couldn’t wait to try it on.

I was given the Chilli colour jacket (as pictured) in a medium (12) which was a bit big on me (I’m usually a 8/10 on top) but as it’s a winter jacket I will mostly be wearing a jumper underneath, so I’m happy with the size.

The jacket is very comfortable and easy to wear. After some investigation I found out that it has “SEE” insulation, which has helped me stay comfortable in temperatures ranging from -1 to 10 degrees.  It has an elegant design which gives the jacket a beautiful stylish look with classy, yet not over the top detail.

A lovely touch is the lining of the hood, which is soft, comfortable and warm.

Horse rider Donna wearing the Covalliero Carla Ladies Winter Jacket
Donna wearing the Covalliero Carla Ladies Winter Jacket

With the great British weather being, well British, I didn’t have to wait too long to get good wear out of the jacket, as showers swiftly followed for days at a time. I was worried however, as it didn’t look waterproof, but after reading through its overview I found out that it was classed as ‘extremely water-resistant’ so of course I was happy to put this to the test. And the results? Success, I’m happy to report back that after a the few (ok, many) rainy days, it’s kept me warm and dry.

Covalliero Carla Ladies Winter Jacket
Donna wearing the Covalliero Carla Ladies Winter Jacket

The only downside to this jacket is it doesn’t have a loop inside the collar, which is traditionally used to hang it on a coat hook. I’ve had to hang it via the hood instead, or lay it down. This may be a design feature perhaps to help with shape resistance, however, I really missed being able to hang it up without a seconds thought.  I’m worried in time it might start wearing through the material (although there is no sign of this happening yet).


I have also washed the jacket (at the advised 30 °C) and the colour didn’t run as I thought it may, especially with being such a strong colour.  It’s also kept shape, and with it, the comfort and warmth. After the wash the water resistance remained, although I will re proof it next time I wash it, just to keep it in prime condition.

Overall this jacket it great value for money and I would definitely purchase another, it is everything that it says on its overview.  It’s a must have for the unpredictable British weather, even if it doesn’t get to see a horse.

Sizes: XS/8, SML/10, MED/12, LRG/14, XL/16, XXL/18
Colours: Smoked Blue, Chilli, Coffee
RRP:  £78.00

Donna x

The Covalliero Carla Ladies Winter Jacket was provided to us, for review by Zebra Products. For Covalliero, and other premium quality equestrian goods, visit

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