Greater Manchester Police Horses retire to Bransby Horses

Machester Police Force Horses in retirement at Bransby Horses

Greater Manchester Police Horses retire to Bransby Horses

Two Greater Manchester Police horses have retired to Bransby Horses following a combined 13 years of service in the force. 18-year-old Irish Draught, Captain (17hh), and 17-year-old Irish Sport, Steele (17.3hh), will enjoy their retirement in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside.


After beginning his career with Greater Manchester Police in 2013, Captain attended a number of high profile events and served alongside fellow retiree, Steele, on many occasions.  Following increasing lameness earlier this year, Captain was retired in June after eight years of service and swiftly found a permanent safe haven at Bransby Horses to spend his retirement.

Described as the perfect example of a police horse, Captain was a firm favourite with grooms and officers, was a pleasure to work with and will be sorely missed. It is safe to say nothing fazes Captain. So much so that every officer at the unit had done some form of big event with him. Captain literally did it all; he led Manchester City FC victory parades, worked at festivals and countless peaceful protests, and a number of Manchester Derby’s.

On his arrival, Captain was very calm and spent time scanning his surroundings when coming down the ramp. GMP handlers and Bransby Horses colleagues were on hand to ensure he felt comfortable and safe in his new home.

Watch Captain’s arrival here:

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Officer Kate Garside said,

Captain is a gentle natured unassuming quiet horse, who believed in every rider who sat on him. He is the horse that has made many of us mounted officers. He really is one of the bravest of police horses to of graced Hough End Stables, and also one of the sweetest.”


Steele is described by his handlers as ‘in a league of his own’; brave, very athletic, affectionate, intelligent and funny, though could be feisty following a difficult start in life. He started with Greater Manchester Police in 2010 at age six and it didn’t take long for him to bond with a trainer.

In 2012, Steele was introduced to events and it was at this point that his career really began. Following nine years of service including attendance at extraordinary scenes such as patrolling the city in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bombing, Manchester Pride, Parklife Festival and the first major potential terrorist evacuation of Manchester United Football Club, Steele has retired earlier than expected due to failing eyesight.

Captain and Steele will live on our Walklands Yard where they will spend their retirement amongst other rescued equines in sanctuary care. If you’d like to contribute to the care of Captain and Steele in their retirement, we gratefully receive donations of any kind that will go to towards the care of all our rescue horses. Please use the donate button below or visit our Donated Goods page to see what goods we can accept in kind, and as always, thank you for your support.

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