Getting Started With Online Scratch Cards: Here is How

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The online casino gaming world is filled with several different casino game types. While some casino games come with sophisticated rules and require using complex strategies, others are pretty straightforward to get started with. A fun and exciting instant-win casino game type to try online are Scratch Cards. Read on as we explain to you the basics of Scratch Cards and how to play them online.

History of Scratch Cards

It’s interesting to see how Scratch Cards have evolved from being an occasional pastime to becoming a highly popular casino game. Scratch Cards were first officially produced in the early 1970s by a US-based firm named Scientific American Corporation. And it took no time for them to become an instant hit in the country.

Soon after, businesses started giving free Scratch Cards to their customers, in an attempt to lure them to spend more. Scratch Cards then made their way to the Atlantic in the late 1980s and were first introduced in the UK in 1995. Today, Scratch Cards have become a staple at both offline and online casinos in the UK, the US and other parts of the world.

How to play online Scratch Cards?

Scratch Cards are an instant-win casino game that’s quite easy to get started with. Also, when playing online, the layout and representation of Scratch Cards are basically the same as their in-store counterparts.

Once you’ve loaded your online Scratch Cards game, you’ll see a virtual cardboard with small squares on it. And some of these squares will be hidden under virtual coating strips. Then you’ll have to click/tap on the ‘Scratch’ button to initiate the gameplay and reveal the symbols hidden beneath the coating. If you manage to get three matching symbols or numbers, you’ll receive a payout as per the game’s paytable.

For players who’re worried about rigged results, let us tell you that online and mobile Scratch Cards make use of a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG software ensures that the results are completely random and aren’t based on previous outcomes. So, you can enjoy your gameplay without having to think about biased outcomes – as there’s no chance of that.

Advantages of playing online Scratch Cards

There are several benefits of playing Scratch Cards games online. First, online casino platforms are known for their variety, meaning you can enjoy Scratch Cards that come with varying themes and animations. Also, several come with in-game bonus features. That way, you can grab additional wins during your Scratch Cards gameplay.

Another great thing about Scratch Cards is that they don’t require any skills to play. Unlike casino classics that require players to make decisions, playing Scratch Cards just involves hitting the ‘Scratch’ button and hoping you’ll have a winning combination. This low barrier to entry makes Scratch Cards accessible to all types of casino players.

As explained earlier, online Scratch Cards make use of RNG software. So, unlike their land-based counterparts, you don’t have to wait several hours or even days to know whether you’ve won or lost – the result is instant here.


Some online Scratch Cards tips for you

  • First and foremost, make sure you’ve gone through the gameplay rules and pay table of your chosen Scratch Card game.
  • It’s always good to use a proper bankroll management system.
  • If you’re experiencing a losing streak, you must take a break instead of trying to chase your losses.
  • Keep a check on the bonuses and promotional rewards to add more entertainment to your overall gameplay. 


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