Donna Harrison – December Blog – 2019 Wrap Up

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I can’t believe that we are already at the end of 2019, this year seems to have flown by for team Harrison Equestrian!  To end the year I thought that it would be a good opportunity to reflect on 2019’s highs and lows and also share our plans for 2020.
I thought that I would start with my lows so that I can end this blog on a high.
My first, and no doubt biggest low came in November when I unexpectedly lost a close friend who was also my riding instructor. I won’t go into detail with this one only to say that she helped me in so many ways which I could never possibly repay.  I feel that the equestrian world is at a loss without her love, enthusiasm, knowledge and influence.
Harrison Equestrian Horses
The ‘Crew’ Harrison Equestrian Horses

My second low was my fall off Havana whilst backing her early in July, you will already know about this from a past blog so again I won’t go into great detail only give an update on the current situation.  I have now had an x-ray and MRI scan which has confirmed that I still have fluid on my hip and also a hip pointer injury.  I will be having hydrotherapy and more physiotherapy to try and fix it.  If that doesn’t work, I will be given injections directly into my hip which would completely stop the pain so that I can continue with my physio pain-free.  I will be having a follow up MRI in May 2020.

Amongst the lows were also plenty of highs;

I have to talk about Candy first, with her being my main ride of 2019, who without a doubt gave me the most highs.  We made it to the Novice Trailblazer Championships in Stoneleigh back in July.  We didn’t make the final but we had a great time and learned some valuable lessons.

We were announced joint Novice Members Champions at our local competition centre (Foxes Riding School). Unfortunately, we didn’t make the presentation evening but we received the rosette and trophy at a later date.

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Following on from this we had our first lesson with Matt Burnett which we hope to continue into 2020.  We learned so much in this first session we will continue to work on it until our next one.

Secondly and again, without doubt, our biggest high was gaining our first ever sponsor Everything Horse, which has been a huge boost to our confidence and very much appreciated.

This brings me nicely on to our plans for 2020 where there will be four main focuses for the team:

The first being that with some persuasion I have decided to move Candy up to Elementary dressage (unaffiliated), and to also ride Novice (affiliated) BD dressage with her.  I am now looking forward to this new adventure, it is always good to push yourself slightly out of your comfort zone in order to advance.

All tucked up, nice and cozie!

Secondly, after a few more outings in the wagon for experience Grace will be going to her first competition.  She will be competing in Prelim (unaffiliated) throughout the year to gain very much needed experience and exposure to different places, smells and sights.

Thirdly Harley will be getting lots of attention and will be put on a steep learning curve.  She will be loading and travelling around locally to friends yards which will give her something to think about and help her learn and grow.

The fourth and final plan is to get ourselves a new home.  After over twelve months of saving we are now at a point to start the search for our new ‘forever home’.  It has been a dream of a lifetime to have a property with land, stables and hopefully a school.

So this wraps things up for 2019 and we will look forward to a successful 2020.  I would like to finish this December blog with a big Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year to you all.

Horse Grace and Donna from Harrison Equestrian
Grace, almost ready for her first outing in 2020
All the best from me and all the horses! Wishing you all a fabulous 2020!

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