Find out what it takes to make an American wrangler

Find out what it takes to make an American wrangler Interview by Phoebe Oliver, Oliver Relations Let’s face it – most horse riders at some point have wanted to work on a ranch. There is something intoxicating about the Western way of riding and incredible skill that is tempting to most of us in the UK – but what hat does it take to make a wrangler on one of America’s most popular ranches? We caught up with the unstoppable Steph Kuenast who is head wrangler at Vista Verde ranch…

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Re-Training Racehorses for Nihi Sumba

Re-Training Racehorses for Nihi Sumba Interview by Phoebe Oliver Carol Sharpe is known as the horse whisperer of Nihi as a result of her incredible work retraining the islands racehorses for the hotels incredible beach and trail rides around the remote island – an hour off the coast of Bali. This month, Phoebe Oliver of Oliver Relations caught up with Carol to talk more on how she got involved in this very interesting career, and lifestyle. Your initial brief was to source horses for beach rides. What made you consider ex-racehorses? …

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Couple Goals … Jesse and Georgie Campbell

Jesse and Georgie campbell interview Everything Horse

Couple Goals … Jesse and Georgie Campbell Rider Interview by Abigail Dickinson This month Everything Horse interviews eventing power couple Jesse and Georgie Campbell who were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedule to talk about what it’s like to work together as husband and wife. From getting ready to compete at the Tokyo Olympics to juggling the business at home, we discuss how life compares from growing up with horses to working with them as a married couple. Hello, and thank you both for taking the…

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Amy Stovold Interview: “Training horses with kindness and in an understanding way”

Amy Stovold Interview: "Training horses with kindness and in an understanding way"

Amy Stovold Interview: “Training horses with kindness and in an understanding way” As we all return to the equestrian competition circuit, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to catch up with and interview elite dressage rider and trainer, Amy Stovold. Discussing all things training, competing and life after lockdown, Stovold gave us an insight into her principles of ‘kindness and understanding’ in everything she does with horses and clients and her future plans. Hi Amy, for our readers who may not know you, can you tell us a bit…

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Steph Gumn on Life Since Lockdown

Steph Gumn, Sandros Hit - stable name Sunny

Steph Gumn on Life Since Lockdown Sponsored Rider Feature This month we caught up with sponsored rider, Steph Gumn, to find out what the Staffordshire based showjumper and young horse producer has been up to since lockdown began in March. If you follow Steph, you may already know she purchased a quality stallion during the latter stages of 2019 to compete and use as a licensed stallion. Sandros Sun, who we’ve fondly come to know as Sunny, will also be Steph’s future prospect in the six-year-old classes, but we were…

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Feature Interview: Steve Guerdat on Heroes, Influences, Horses and Friendships

Steve Guerdat - Longines FEI world cup. Reem Acra FEI world cup

Feature Interview: Steve Guerdat on Heroes, Influences, Horses and Friendships Magazine :: Everything Horse In this feature, equestrian journalist Louise Parkes interviews showjumper, Steve Guerdat, as he puts life into perspective after global sporting activities, and everyday life is put on hold while the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. Article and Interview by Louise Parkes He could be forgiven for being down in the dumps right now….his chance of becoming the first-ever four-time FEI Jumping World Cup champion blown out of the water and no opportunity to chase down…

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Checking in with Stephen Hayes, International Dressage Rider and Clinician

Stephen Hayes Dressage

We’ve followed international dressage rider and worldwide clinician, Stephen Hayes, for many years. From a young man born in Liverpool to the renowned coach he is today, Stephen has thoroughly immersed himself into international equestrian culture, and sport. Recently Stephen has been quite the talk after embarking on his biggest World clinic tour to date. Reaching further and wider afield each year with his Dressage clinics, Stephen also manages to juggle seasonal locations when during the winter months he competes in Wellington, Florida and during the summer he is based in…

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Introducing Juliette Edmonds, the Modern Day Equestrian

Juliette standing with Jess (left) and Boodles (right)

Meet Petplan Equine Ambassador and full-time veterinary surgeon Juliette Edmonds Juliette Edmonds manages her three horses; Guess Again (Jess), Bubba Gump (Boodles) and newest edition Pandora, with working full time as a veterinary surgeon at Tyrrells Equine Vets. With a busy winter ahead, Juliette tells us what she has planned for her Irish Sports Horse x Warmblood, Boodles and how she balances work with caring for her horses. Juliette Edmonds and Boodles Brought up in a non-horsey family, Juliette took up the reins aged ten and started riding at a…

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Rider Interview – Lara Edwards

Lara Edwards and Felix representing Great Britain.

This month we catch up with Alltech brand ambassador, Lara Edwards, where she talks about her current team of top horses, her passion for breeding and her hopes for the future, all of which she juggles with bringing up her young family. Tell us about your yard set-up and your current horse line-up. At the moment I am based at my parent’s yard which is half shared with my brother and his family and my horses. We have our own separate areas and grooms. My two top horses are, Jazzed…

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Jeni Gilbert Talks Endurance with Everything Horse

Jeni Gilbert - credit to

Jeni Gilbert Talks Endurance with Everything Horse In this article we talk to HorseHage & Mollichaff-sponsored endurance rider, Jeni Gilbert, who is based in West Yorkshire, to find out how she became involved in the sport of endurance. Jeni is a former Novice Champion, Endurance GB Senior and Supreme Champion (2007, 2011) and winner of several other titles. She competes on her Connemara, Ballydoolagh Alfie, who has now completed more than 2300km in 48 competitions in his five-year endurance career – an impressive feat for a native breed in a…

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Interview: Spencer Roe

Spencer Roe Interview Everything Horse

Spencer Roe :: July’s Feature Interview Here we talk to HorseHage-sponsored show-jumper, Spencer Roe, about his background, horses and life on the international show-jumping circuit. When did your career in the saddle begin and have you always had your sights set on show jumping?  I started riding when I was eight and I really wasn’t that bothered about it, to be honest and didn’t really like it, so I gave up for a few years, but then I got a really good pony who I could win on and then…

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INTERVIEW Nina Barbour on Combining Work Commitments with Competing

Nina and AK's Culcha Candela in action at London GCT

INTERVIEW Nina Barbour on Combining Work Commitments with Competing LGCT London Success for Nina amid planning the 2018 Liverpool International Horse Show For any business professional, combining work commitments with a passion for your chosen sport and wanting to be the best you can be is never easy.  Here we talk to Nina Barbour, president and founder of both the Liverpool International Horse Show and the Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show about her recent success at the Longines Global Champions Tour London.   Tell us about the two horses you took to LGCT London? I…

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5 Minutes with Colin Bramley-Robins, Judge and Chairman of British Palomino Society

British Palomino Society

5 Minutes with Colin Bramley-Robins, Judge and Chairman of British Palomino Society Do you love showing and have a Palomino horse or pony? Ever wanted to know what judges look for when you are in the ring? Here we talk to BPS Chairman and judge Colin Bramley-Robins on what he looks for in the showing world. How long have you been a judge and what made you want to become a judge? I have judged for around 30 years up to county level. I became a judge as a way…

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Italian Eventer Dan Bizzarro – Rider Interview

Dan Bizzarro, Italian Event Rider

This month we interviewed Dan Bizzarro for our website readers Born and raised in Italy, transferring to Britain to pursue his professional riding career, Dan Bizzarro is without doubt the one to watch on the eventing circuit for 2018. We were lucky enough, before the season really swings into action, to ask him a few questions on how British equestrianism differs from that in Italy, how he got on working for William Fox-Pitt and to learn a little about his current team of horses. How do you think Britains equestrian culture…

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5 Minutes with Sponsored Rider Steph Gumn

Horses for Sale - Steph Gumn - SG Sports Horses

5 Minutes with Sponsored Rider Steph Gumn We’ve sponsored Shropshire based showjumper Steph Gumn, for three years now. We’ve watched her graduate from university and successfully set up her own business, SG Sports Horses. This month we stopped in to catch up with Steph after a very busy year. We wanted to know a little more about what it was that sparked her passion for horses, why she does what she does and where she’s up to now. Why do you do what you do Steph? I have always been…

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The Sky’s the Limit for Nina Barbour

The Sky’s the Limit for Nina Barbour Heralded for the outstanding success that is The Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show, while also ensuring the smooth running of the family’s 6,000 acre estate and the many businesses in the surrounding Cheshire countryside including Harthill Stud – Nina Barbour is one busy lady.  Read on to find out more about this fascinating, hardworking young woman as we count down to this year’s show – June 14 to 18. Nina Barbour – A Visionary Force NOW in its fourth year as a 4…

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10 things you didn’t know about British dressage rider Stephen Hayes

10 things you didn't know about British dressage rider Stephen Hayes

10 things you didn’t know about British dressage rider Stephen Hayes 1. Where are you from and how old are you? I’m 25, I can’t believe I’m that old, it’s going so fast. I’m from Liverpool in the U.K but now based in New York, USA. 2. Why dressage? I love the feeling of having a dance partner in a 1000lb animal, being on the exact wave length, my body and theirs communicating to each other harmoniously through a silent language. That feeling is just something else, it feeds me.…

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Richard Davison on Dressage at Bolesworth International

Richard Davison competing at Bolesworth International

Richard Davison on Dressage at Bolesworth International #EverythingHorseMagazine – Rider Interview WITH international dressage set to grace the stage at this year’s Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show – June 14 to 18 – here we talk to dressage consultant and Olympic-ace Richard Davison about these exciting new developments. Richard Davison on Dressage at Bolesworth International 1, How did you first become involved in the invitational dressage at Bolesworth International? My jumping horses competed at the very first Bolesworth show and have done so every year since. I have therefore been…

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Rider Interview: Up Close and Personal with Sam Ecryod

Sam Ecroyd New Brand Ambassador For Whale Of A Time Clothing

Rider Interview: Up Close and Personal with Sam Ecryod #EverythingHorseMagazine – February 2017 – Rider Interviews Courtesy of his sponsor, retro surf inspired fashion brand Whale Of A Time Clothing, we caught up with young eventer Sam Ecroyd for a quick fire Q&A   When did you first start riding and who was your first pony? “I began riding at about three years old on a coloured pony called Diamond, and she bolted with me on the beach when I was around five years old, and I fell off on…

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Simin Nadjafi – A Little Whisper

Simin Nadjafi - A Little Whisper

Simin Nadjafi – A Little Whisper #EverythingHorse Here we talk to Spanish horse whisperer Simin Nadjafi as we learn more about her incredible talent to communicate with horses.  By understanding the desires of the horse, based on psychology of the animal, Simin is able to communicate in a way that she is able to earn the trust and respect of the horse. When did you discover your love for horses and how did this develop into the way you communicate with them today In my very early childhood, which wasn’t very easy, they were my…

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A Day in the Life of a Young Horse Producer

A Day in the Life of a Young Horse Producer Everything Horse sponsored rider Steph Gumn produces young horses to sell on and compete, and even if we are a little biased, we think she’s very good at it too! So good in fact we wanted to share with our readers what it’s like to walk a day in her shoes by taking ‘five’ to ask Steph a few questions…. How many hours a week do you work? Gosh, I don’t really have set hours! I tend to take each…

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Event Rider Interview: Willa Newton

Event Rider Interview: Willa Newton   You spent time based with German event rider, Dirk Schrade, what is one of the main things you’ve learned from this experience? One of the main things I learned about was how to produce and train young horses.  Before that, I didn’t have a system of my own.  Over my time with Dirk, I learned how to identify the type of young horse that the modern sport demands. As well as the importance of ensuring correct training at each level, before moving on.  …

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Rider Interview – Lara Dyson

  Rider Interview – Lara Dyson A former member of the British Young Riders’ dressage scheme, Lara Dyson joined the senior ranks in 2009. Holder of 10 British Dressage regional titles and two national titles, Lara secured her Team GB flag in 2015 after being selected to ride in Le Mans, France on her KWPN-approved stallion, Cyden Bodyguard Moorland. Q – You are expecting your first child in June, how are you planning on working your career around your new bundle of joy? A – I am very lucky to…

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Interview with International show jumper Yazmin Pinchen

Yazmin Pinchen riding at Bolesworth International

Interview with International show jumper Yazmin Pinchen Rider Interview – Yazmin Pinchen You have an active presence on social media, how do you think social media influences your business? (In regard to sponsors and fans) Social media has proved to be a great thing for me, I have gained most of my sponsors via social media and I have also gained recognition, for being so proactive on it. It’s very important that you can interact with fans and keep friends, family and sponsors up to date with your journey and results. I always…

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Rider Interview – Leah Beckett

Rider Interview – Leah Beckett Leah Beckett is an international dressage rider and is sponsored by Aloeride, the natural aloe vera supplement for horses. You were a former young rider European medalist do you think this background has helped you get where you are today? And what advice would you give to other young dressage riders? People are often quite amazed at how cool I am at a competition and how I never get nervous. I think a lot of my history as a Pony, Junior and Young Rider has a…

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