Rider Confidence: Find your own ‘Charlotte Mode’!

Rider confidence with Tracey Cole

Rider Confidence: an amazingly easy mental rehearsal to find your own ‘Charlotte Mode’! Horse rider confidence is a skill that needs to be worked on, rarely is it a natural ability and for some, it hinders progression, happiness and fulfilment. However, there’s good news as the mind-body connection enables riders to master their physiology and psychology. In this article, Tracey Cole looks at what ‘physiology’ means in terms of the mind-body connection and how it plays a vital role in gaining confidence when riding by banishing anxiety. The formula professional…

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August 2019 Blog – Donna Harrison Introduction

Donna Harrison - Trailblazer Dressage Championship 2019. Copyright Harrison Equestrian

This month we welcome a new sponsored rider, Donna Harrison of Harrison Equestrian. Here’s Donna’s first blog where she takes time out to introduce readers to her horses, and competitive goals. Hi everyone,  my name is Donna Harrison and during my time with Everything Horse I will introduce you to my herd of horses and our journey together.  For my introduction blog I have included a picture of my current dressage competition horse Candy. Here at Harrison Equestrian, we are all excited to start this blog and to share our…

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Six Headcollars You’ll Love

headcollars feature

Six Headcollars You’ll Love – Everything Horse Top Picks Headcollars are a pretty essential piece of kit, agreed? However, which type of headcollar you choose normally boils down to three factors; functionality, fit and of course how fabulous you would like your horse to look. Budget, of course, is also important and as horse owners know where comes functionality comes a heavier price tag. Here we have chosen to feature a selection of headcollars that we know are popular with horse owners right now. If you’re looking for a headcollar…

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Jeni Gilbert Talks Endurance with Everything Horse

Jeni Gilbert - credit to Marimages.co.uk

Jeni Gilbert Talks Endurance with Everything Horse In this article we talk to HorseHage & Mollichaff-sponsored endurance rider, Jeni Gilbert, who is based in West Yorkshire, to find out how she became involved in the sport of endurance. Jeni is a former Novice Champion, Endurance GB Senior and Supreme Champion (2007, 2011) and winner of several other titles. She competes on her Connemara, Ballydoolagh Alfie, who has now completed more than 2300km in 48 competitions in his five-year endurance career – an impressive feat for a native breed in a…

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Benefits of the Veredus Magnetik Rug

Veredus Magnetik Rug

Benefits of the Veredus Magnetik Rug The Veredus Magnetik Rug helps to stimulate the flow of blood in the horse’s body, which reduces pain and swelling and helps to speed up the elimination of toxins and the regenerative processes. The rug also helps to prepare muscles and tendons for work. Made of a breathable microporous material, the Veredus Magnetik Rug is equipped with 32 neodymium magnets that develop a power of 2400 Gauss each. The magnets are distributed in the lumbo-dorsal fasciae, lats and shoulders. The rug is designed to be…

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Stable Hygiene Products for Cleaning Success

Stable Hygiene Product Feature

Following on from our Stable Hygiene – Winter Prep feature, here we take a look at a selection of horse stable cleaners to help get you and your team underway with a good clean ahead of the winter. Stable cleaners come in different forms and are available for different purposes. From the traditional Jeyes Fluid for a thorough stable hygiene overhaul, to the lighter natural disinfectants suitable for daily use on bucktes, feed bowls and other yard equipment, there’s a cleaner suitable for any occassion. Always follow instructions, the information here…

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What equestrian insurance do I need?

What equestrian insurance do I need?

Sponsored This month Shearwater Insurance join us to answer a common question ‘What equestrian insurance do I need?’ The independent insurance brokers take a look at cover for horse and pony, tack, private yard, livery yard and home insurance. At Shearwater Insurance we’re commonly asked, ‘what type of insurance do I need?’ It is a confusing topic and one with a multitude of answers.  Horse insurance is a great place to start, but it is also worth considering yard insurance and tack cover as a minimum. Horse & Pony With…

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Stable Hygiene – Winter Prep

Stable Hygiene

Stable hygiene is a key area for consideration all year round. Whether you do or don’t use a stable throughout the summer, cobwebs, dirt, dust, debris and bird droppings easily build-up. By mid-summer, the area can be dirtier than it was during the winter months. August offers another good opportunity to clear away all that has built up during the summer months gone by. Stable hygiene plays a part in your horse’s health, and should not be underestimated in the importance of tasks ‘to-do’. Respiratory health, for example, can be…

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Equestrian Jewellery for Summer Events with Pegasus Jewellery

pegasus jewellery

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Equestrian Jewellery for Summer Events with Pegasus Jewellery For those of us who spend a high percentage of our lives in jodhpurs, breeches and wellies with hay-filled hair and smudges of mud (well, hopefully just mud!) on our clothes, the chance to get out and dress up must be made the most of! Yes, even us most horsey types do ‘scrub up well’ given the chance and a good reason to get our glad rags out. There are plenty of summer and autumn events in…

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Cheval Liberte – A guide to finding your perfect stable!

Cheval Liberte - Internal Oak

Cheval Liberte – A guide to finding your perfect stable! Are you looking to build your horse/s a new home? Or looking to renovate an old barn? Understanding the world of equine stabling can be a daunting venture! With so many options it’s tricky to know which one will offer your horse/s and you the perfect approach to stalling that fits perfectly into your day-to-day operations. The first things to ask yourself is why you are looking to get stables and what do you want from them that you haven’t…

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Flex on Stirrups

Flex On Stirrups are the latest in revolutionary high-tech tack. Designed to better support and protect the rider, the technology focuses primarily on the foot but also offers other benefits to the rest of the rider’s body when in the saddle. Here we take a look at how the Flex On Stirrups work, the different types and include a small selection we found available via Amazon and Naylors. How Flex On Stirrups Work The Flex On Stirrups act as a shock absorption mechanism, primarily for the foot. Elastomer springs under…

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Aztec Diamond Mesh Insert Show Shirt Review

Aztec Diamond Mesh Insert Show Shirt Review - front image Donna Harrison Equestrian

Aztec Diamond Mesh Insert Show Shirt Review Last month sponsored rider Donna Harrison, from Harrison Equestrian reviewed the Aztec Diamond Mesh Insert Short Shirt. Donna chose to wear the Mesh Insert Show Shirt during the Trailblazers Championships (27th – 28th July), here’s what Donna had to say: “I wore the Aztec Diamond Mesh Show Shirt during my Trailblazers Championship Class. Initially, I was worried that I would get hot and sticky as I have done when wearing other show shirts in the past, especially with the pressure of the event…

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