AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo – Review

animac allrounder fly rug combo

AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo – Review The AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo was sent in for review, this month. Claiming to be heat and fly-protective, we put the AniMac Fly Rug to the test. Here’s what we thought! AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo – Review The AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo, on first impressions, was a life-saver for the changeable weather of the UK. Designed trialled, and tested in New Zealand, we were reassured that this rug would keep our horse cool and protected, even on the hottest days.

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Best Horse Fly Masks

Horse Fly Mask

Best Horse Fly Masks Horse fly masks are a spring summer essential. Protecting against every bug, horse fly face masks can help prevent infection, irritation and discomfort. Discover a fly mask to suit every horse. Horse Fly Masks

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Horse Rugging Guide For Turnout Rugs

Freedom Turnout Coffee 9936

Horse Rugging Guide – Turnout Rugs The ultimate horse rugging guide for turnout rugs! Discover what to look for a turnout rug to suit your horse’s needs! Horse turnout rugs can get confusing?! With turnout rugs boasting multiple features, what does your horse actually need? We’ve got horse rugs all explained, with features to look out for and what purpose they actually serve to your horse! Finding a quality turnout rug, which suits your horse is one of the great struggles of every owner. Not only must our horse’s rugs keep…

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Best Lightweight Stable Rugs for Horses

best lightweight stable rug

Best Lightweight Stable Rugs for Horses Lightweight stable rugs for horses come in all shapes and sizes. Check out the best pony stable rugs to the best light weight stable rugs for big horses in this horse wardrobe essential edit! Best Lightweight Stable Rugs For Horses

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Best Waterproof Exercise Sheet

Best Waterproof exercise sheet

Best Waterproof Exercise Sheet The best waterproof exercise sheet…we’ve found it! From styles like a hi vis exercise sheet, to brand favourites, like the Weatherbeeta exercise sheet, we’ve whittle down some of the best, ready for a wet winter! Best Waterproof Exercise Sheet

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The 5 Best Cooler Rugs For Horses

Barnsby Equestrian 270g Horse Fleece Cooler

The 5 Best Cooler Rugs For Horses We’ve rounded up the 5 of the very best cooler rugs for horses on the market. Boasting breathable designs and moisture-wicking technology, these rugs are an essential part of post-exercise routine in our books! Best Cooler Rugs For Horses

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Easy Halloween Costumes For Horses

Easy Halloween Costumes Ideas For Horses Here’s some easy Halloween costumes for horses. For a spooky costume, look no further than your tack room, for inspiration! If you haven’t already got these items hidden away in your tack room, everything we have mentioned can be with you within the next working day! From the subtly spooky to the glamorously ghoulish, we got some great ideas up our sleeve! The most traditional, but arguably the best costume for Halloween must be the witch or the wizard! Simply accessorise your horse’s daily…

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The BEST Lightweight Turnout Rugs

best lightweight turnout rugs - animac allrounder fly combo

The BEST Lightweight Turnout Rugs Discover the best lightweight turnout rugs. As the weather’s beginning to turn, the hunt for the best lightweight turnout rug has begun! Instead of digging out last year’s collection of winter rugs, why not treat your horse to a new rug! With shops flooded with choice, we’ve rounded up the best lightweight rugs on the market, From the best value to the highest-rated, with this selection of rugs you can’t go wrong! The BEST Lightweight Turnout Rugs Amigo Mio Turnout Lite The Amigo Mio Turnout…

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The Best No Fill Turnout Rugs

Rhinegold Torrent Outdoor Rug Lightweight.No fill

The Best No Fill Turnout Rugs Discover the best no fill turnout rugs! An essential in every horse’s wardrobe, a no fill turnout rug is perfect when the weather is unpredictable. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites, suited to every horse and owner. From rugs catered to horse’s with narrow shoulders, to print-loving horse owners – you’re bound to find your perfect rug! UPDATED 06/07/21   Best No Fill Turnout Rugs Bucas Sun Shower Turnout Rug: A BRITISH WEATHER ESSENTIAL With the weather constantly changing, and the forecast often…

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Lightweight Turnout Rugs

Lightweight turnout rugs

Lightweight Turnout Rugs Updated 28.08.2020 Lightweight turnout rugs – A guide for an informed choice on what lightweight and waterproof rug to choose for your horse each spring, summer and autumn.   JHL Essential Turnout Rug Lightweight Various colours available, neck option purchased separately. ♦ Waterproof ♦ Breathable ♦ Polyester outer and inner nylon lining with no filling ♦ Adjustable double front buckles ♦ Hook and loop style fastenings on the neck and chest ♦ Reinforced nylon anti-rub shoulders ♦ Side gussets ♦Adjustably leg straps ♦ Twin low set surcingles…

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Stable Rugs – We Compare Five Stable Rugs

Stable rugs - a simple comparison. Amigo insulator heavyweight

Stable Rugs – We Compare Five Stable Rugs With a huge selection of stable rugs available from a whole host of well known brands, we decided to take a moment to compare a selection of those rugs. Taking the information, we as horse owners normally look for when making the decision to purchase, we have compiled a comparison table for quick reference. Admittedly, we are now half way through the winter however with some of the coldest months still to come now may be the time you choose to look…

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Stable Rug Guide – Lightweight, Medium and Heavy

Stable Rug Guide – Lightweight, Medium and Heavy Updated 17/05/2018 There’s no better feeling in the winter when you know your horse is stood in the stable warm, cozy and tucked up for the night. With a selection of styles, sizes and fill’s there’s now a whole host of options to consider when choosing what rug may be suitable for your horse. You may choose to layer up or opt for a heavyweight combo, either way, there’s a good selection of rugs available today to suit all budgets. Check out…

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Stable Rug Review and a Quick Look at What’s Available

fal saracen stable rug

Stable Rug Review and a Quick Look at What’s Available Updated 17/05/2018 Here we take a look at a variety of stable rugs on offer. From no neck to half neck, we’ve found a selection of great value rugs for you to consider should you be looking for a new winter warmer for your horse. Quiltmasta 350 Check Stable Rug The Quiltmasta 350 ‘Check’ stable rug from Masta will add a little colour to your horse’s wardrobe while keeping him, or her, warm. Pro’s – This rug lives up to its…

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