Boku vs PayPal

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Boku vs PayPal

When exploring online gaming sites, the players can find a large selection of payment methods that can be used to fund their accounts and withdraw their winnings. With many global payment options available, choosing one that can suit their needs and preferences can be a confusing task. PayPal and Boku are two solutions that have dominated the deposit and withdrawal services in the iGaming websites. They are proven to be quite popular across the reputed platforms and in the Boku Bingo Sites; transferring money is easier and safer. So, if we compare Boku and PayPal which one will win the gold medal as the most reliable payment method?


The Strength of Boku

Boku has been successfully invaded the online gaming industry since its creation in 2009. This mobile payment solution enables the users to deposit via their mobile phones, and transactions will automatically be added to their phone bills. Its reputation comes from fast, easy, and secure deposits that enhance the players’ gaming experience. With Boku, they can only deposit a maximum of £30 a day ensuring that the debts on their phones are at a manageable amount. To use this direct carrier billing provider, go to the deposit section and choose the amount you want to deposit. Once you select Boku and enter the phone number, confirm your deposit with the received text. Today, this leading provider of mobile payment is available in 52 different countries and has become a well-used phone payment in the UK’s iGaming sites.


The strength of PayPal

PayPal has been around since 1998 and its reputation has increased when it acquired eBay, and since, it has invaded global online trading. This e-wallet has become one of the best payouts gaming sites in the UK as it provides easy, quick, and safe transactions. To deposit or withdraw with PayPal, there is no need to provide information like your bank account numbers or card numbers because the only information required is your account’s username and password. In the deposit option, when the transfer is confirmed, the money will be credited to your online casino balance instantly. When it comes to withdrawal, your winnings will be available to your account within two business days. Hence, compared to other banking options, this online banking system is the fastest way to withdraw money.


Disadvantages of using Boku

It is undeniable that Boku is a convenient depositing solution. Nonetheless, the users unsurprisingly meet some downsides which evidently impact their gaming experience. With this mobile payment processing company, the daily deposit amount of £30 is quite small and although this system is lucrative for low rollers, those who stake higher will certainly be disappointed. Since they are not allowed to make massive deposits, they will find an alternative payment system to be able to bet with big amounts of money. Moreover, as stated above, Boku offers its services in 56 countries so those who are in the restricted-based nations cannot evidently move funds via this US-based firm. As this payment option doesn’t charge any fees directly, the users should also know that they may pay transaction fees depending on the gaming platforms they choose.



Disadvantages of using PayPal

The main issue with PayPal is that the players may use additional fees when withdrawing their payouts. It is indisputable that this digital wallet allows a straightforward and trustworthy deposit and cashing out systems but the users must pay fees associated with credit or debit cards to move money. In fact, the players who move money outside their countries will be charged a fee of around 2.9%. Another drawback the users may face when using PayPal is the restricted countries. Compared to other e-wallets, this renowned name puts a strategy to ban some countries from using its services. Thus, if the payment comes from restricted countries, it won’t surely be accepted.


Final words

In the online gaming industry, players can have a large choice among a wide range of payment options. Two powerful names have invaded the renowned gaming websites because both focus on offering safe and reliable transactions. PayPal and Boku deserve a medal for offering the most convenient payment processes to the players. Although Boku imposes a strict daily depositing limit of £30, this mobile solution guarantees the quickest and safest ways to make online payments. As PayPal is omnipresent in the best gaming industry, it has been the most widely used despite the release of several new payment options.


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