August 2019 Blog – Donna Harrison Introduction

Donna Harrison - Trailblazer Dressage Championship 2019. Copyright Harrison Equestrian

This month we welcome a new sponsored rider, Donna Harrison of Harrison Equestrian. Here’s Donna’s first blog where she takes time out to introduce readers to her horses, and competitive goals.

Hi everyone,  my name is Donna Harrison and during my time with Everything Horse I will introduce you to my herd of horses and our journey together.  For my introduction blog I have included a picture of my current dressage competition horse Candy. Here at Harrison Equestrian, we are all excited to start this blog and to share our experiences with you!

So a little bit about me, I have been riding since the age of four and was lucky enough to be given my first pony (Misty) at the age of nine followed a few years later by a horse (Arnie) at the age of fourteen, both of them taught me so much about the equestrian world.  Going into early adulthood, and having to fund the horses by myself, I ended up having to sell my beloved Arnie and then I found work as a groom with Two Mills Competition team in Cheshire.  This experience gave me endless opportunities to learn, grow and travel, however, it didn’t give me enough money to live so I ended up making the decision to get another job.  Back in 2003 and through my position, I met a lovely gentleman who invited me to his yard to meet his horses, a beautiful herd of seven well kept but completely inexperienced horses, I have been there ever since, looking after them all as if they were my own.

Donna Harrison - Trailblazer Dressage Championship 2019. Copyright Harrison Equestrian
FEATURE IMAGE: Donna Harrison – Trailblazer Dressage Championship 2019. Copyright Harrison Equestrian

We have grown together as a team, of course we have had our ups and downs but we have stuck together through it all and continue to grow, however small the steps are.  We have a very mixed group, the youngest being fifteen months old and the oldest being in her early twenties.  My main area for competition is dressage, where I currently compete in unaffiliated novice classes, however, we hope to become affiliated early next year.  I am also bringing on a very young seven-year old who I hope to compete next year too.  I will introduce you to each and every one of the horses throughout my time with Everything Horse, and let you know our trials and tribulations.

I also enjoy trying new things so if you have an activity or interest in something a bit different then please feel free to get in touch with me on Facebook, Instagram or through Everything Horse and I will endeavour to give it a go and report back with my experience.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog, hopefully, you enjoyed it and will keep an eye out for my next one.  I promise that I will always be open and honest and post whatever happens, good or bad!

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