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Everything Horse UK Advertorial Contentadvertorial content

Advertorial (ad) content options available via Everything Horse UK website and free monthly magazine 2016.

An advertorial is a editorial in the form of an advertisement. The new-age ‘mixing great content with a message from the company’ strategy that should never be underestimated or overlooked.

Designed to look like an article but put together by the company in question to market products and/or services pretty much sums up the definition of good ad content.


Ad content published to the website is via a single web page with images and links. Up to 400 words allocated with in house search engine optimisation. Several categories are available to choose from, we will discuss this with you when booking in.

There is no deadline for website ad work due to the nature of the publishing options. Content can be published on a preferred date.

All posts are shared across social media channels for further enhancement and to encourage reader engagement.


As a rule of thumb the ad includes a double page spread, one page for the editorial and another for the full page advertisement, however other space opportunities are available.

We are able to offer support with the advertisement artwork, all ads are proofed prior to print.

Please contact me via contact@everythinghorseuk.co.uk for further information.

Please see this link for a full breakdown of the term advertorial