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What does the future hold for the Grand National outsider Gas Line Boy?

What does the future hold for the Grand National outsider Gas Line Boy?

Since the end of the Grand National, it seems that the name on everyone’s lips has been One For Arthur. However, there are many other incredible contenders that might not have been given the attention they deserve and one of these horses is Gas Line Boy.

Back in 2015, this contender was one to watch, having a pretty impressive track record and maintaining his place in the top three of many of his races. However, when it came to that time of year again and the horses breached the starting tape at the 2015 Grand National, Gas Line Boy stumbled at the first jump and his chances of victory were lost. While Gas Line Boy had had a good season prior to the Grand National, not many people were going to put their faith in him any time soon, including his trainer and owner. Upon entering Gas Line Boy into the Grand National, their most sincere hope was that he would simply return safe and sound. No one had expected to be as competitive as he was but he proved them wrong.

Gas Line Boy had a 66-1 chance of winning before the race started, which didn’t exactly make him stand out from the rest of the group. On Ladbrokes Grand National Horse Generator, which many gamblers were using to pick their horses, his name barely ever came up. He was an older horse with unremarkable odds and oddly coloured silks, but surprisingly the lack of community support didn’t stop him from putting on an exceptional performance, placing fifth overall. Everyone had doubted that there was much left for him to show after his loss to Vieux Lion Rouge only a few months prior, who at one point had been the favourite for the 2017 Grand National. However, Gas Line Boy certainly showed the crowd that day that he was not to be underestimated after finishing fifth and overtaking his rival.

Despite Gas Line Boy’s success and the amount of faith that his owner, jockey and trainer have in him, perhaps now is the time for Gas Line Boy to be winding down his career. While thrilled with Gas Line Boy’s run at the time, his trainer Ian Williams told reporters:

‘Sadly, his stamina didn’t quite hold out and he got run out of a place late on’

Whether or not Gas Line Boy’s lack of stamina is a result of his age is something we can’t be certain of, but he was given a break for the rest of the season after the Grand National. Thankfully, however, it doesn’t seem to be the end for this determined steed. It seems that already the team behind Gas Line Boy are planning for another trip to Aintree next year. While nothing is set in stone and there isn’t much hope for first place, they are certainly not ruling out the possibility and until then, there is a good chance that we will be seeing at next year’s Foxhunter’s Chase. After the performance that Gas Line Boy pulled out of the bag at the Grand National this year, who’s to say that he doesn’t have a chance of going for glory.

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