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Tried and Tested Equilibrium Crunchits

equilibrium crunchitsNEW Equilibrium Crunchits

Tried and Tested Equilibrium Crunchits

equilibrium crunchits

NEW Equilibrium Crunchits

Value for money: 5/5

Taste: 5/5 (according the horse of course)

Smell: 4/5

Last month we (well our horses) were more than thrilled to receive two packs of the NEW Crunchits from Equilibrium products.

Naturally, we didn’t try them ourselves however our horses did and they loved them. There’s plenty in each pack and they come in a variety of different colours according to taste. Perhaps here we should let you into a little secret, even our dog loved these treats!

Due to the molasses free, low sugar content these treats are great for horses that are prone to laminitis. The vegetable extracts add to the flavours and the size and texture make for a great crunch…

“A perfect healthy way to treat your horse or pony with a low sugar biscuit they’ll love!”

They come in a strong (so no tears when your handling) resealable bag to keep them fresh and at only £3.99 for 750g bag they are a must have for every horses biscuit barrel!

Great for Christmas stocking filler gifts!

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