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Felix, back out in the field following his injury

Lara Edwards’ Felix Recovers from Career-Threatening Injury

Housing Stallions with Lara Dyson

Stallions: Tips on Housing and Caring for a Stallion

Feeding a stallion - Forage should be fed ad lib when the stallion is stabled to help prevent boredom and vices

Stallion Feature – Feeding a Stallion with Lara Dyson

Lara Dyson and Jazzed Up, winners of three titles at The Winter Regional Championships, held at Bishop Burton. Photo credit Kevin Sparrow

Lara Dyson Reins Supreme at the Winter Regional Championships

Stallion - Cyden Bodyguard Moorland. Photo Credit Emma Mitchell

Stallion Focus Five Factors that Determine a Good Stallion

Rider Interview – Lara Dyson