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Horse Games – Star Stable, real adventures, real friends!

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The 3D experience of the popular horse game, Star Stable, is a whole world away from the comfort of the players own homes.

Set on the virtual island of Jorvik, players take care of horses, compete in races, enjoy riding across an idyllic countryside setting and are able to socialise with other members from across the world! The selection of horses, including the introduction to other types of breeds, add to the fantastic features available as the horse game progresses.

The graphics are of good quality and allow for the player’s imagination to run wild! Weekly updates are provided and new area’s are added to further the players enjoyment. Star Stable coins are available to purchase to enhance the player’s experience, allowing further personalisation and in-game experience. Coins can be earned or purchased with  a debit/credit card.

Players start their journey riding through Star Stable for free! Once they reach level five a paid membership is made available to access new, exciting features including an access all areas pass! The ‘Lifetime membership’ offers 100 star coins each week, to help the player enhance online experience. A great feature of the lifetime membership includes the ability to create a riding club which allows for private group messaging between members. Packages start from £5.95 per month, up to a one-off fee of £52.99 for a ‘pay once then never again’ membership, making for a great Christmas or birthday gift for any equestrian.

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