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Spring Benefits from Elim-a-Net

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Spring Benefits from Elim-a-Net

 Elim-a-Net helping fight the ‘L’ word

We have hit that time of year that many horse and pony owners dread! Although Spring brings us the joy of lighter evenings, rug-less equines and show dates for many people, it can also bring the dreaded L word to the forefront of pony and horse management.




Elim-a-Net can help in your management of spring and summertime issues by allowing forage consumption to be regulated, as well as prolonging feeding time, meaning your horse’s digestive system is working efficiently with the chance of overfeeding being significantly reduced.


Using an Elim-a-Net™ can double the time it takes for your horse or pony to eat the quantity of hay you provide, meaning your horse is kept occupied for longer as well as creating a more natural eating pattern. This not only helps with equines on restricted grazing and food intake, but also those who may suffer from summer ailments such as sweet itch and allergies and may need to spend longer inside.


When the grass begins to come through we often find that some horses and ponies come in from the field having gorged on grass, bloating themselves. At this time, it is important not to starve your horse but instead allow them to nibble through their Elim-a-Net™ to keep their system working, without bloating even further.


Specifically designed to slow down forage intake without preventing it the Elim-a-Net™ is also perfect for use when travelling to shows. By using it in your trailer or horsebox you can eliminate the worry of your equine stuffing and gorging on the journey – turning up to your event not quite raring to go!


To get ahead this season and ensure your horse stays healthy and happy feed the efficient way… feed the Elim-a-Net™ Way!


The Elim-a-Netcomes in three sizes, pony, cob and horse with prices starting from £10.99. For further information, please visit

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