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Rehome My Horse – The structured approach

Just some of the horses rehomed via RMHJust some of the horses rehomed via RMH

Rehome My Horse – The structured approach.

Owned and managed by horse owners, Rehome My Horse is a forward focussed equestrian business with a difference! Focusing on ‘sales where the welfare of the animals is the absolute priority’ the business have flourished into a widely known, and well respected brand.

We spoke with Donna Hall, founder of Rehome My Horse, to learn a little about the business and to find out how the idea came about.

At Rehome My Horse we try to provide a more structured route for anyone rehoming/loaning/selling or sharing their horse. The approach includes an application process and rehoming agreements, with support at the end of a phone or email.

For those looking for a horse we hope that you find the website a breath of fresh air. Horses are listed in an open and honest fashion, with owners sharing both the positive and negative aspects. Therefore, enabling informed choices and decisions.

Rehome my Horse

Rehome my Horse

About Donna Hall, founder of Rehome My Horse

Donna Hall, has worked and owned horses all her life. Currently She is based on the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire borders and when not carrying out home checks and admin for Rehome My Horse, she can be found managing a livery yard in Buckinghamshire. Donna, being a BHS accredited coach, also spends her time getting out and about coaching equestrians and their horses, from a variety of backgrounds. Being at ground level with horse owners, and would be owners, enhances Donna’s understanding of the needs of the equestrian community when it comes to finding the right horse, or finding a home for a horse.

“We provide a more structured route for anyone rehoming, loaning, sharing or selling their horse”

– Donna Hall

Just some of the horses rehomed via RMH

Just some of the horses rehomed via RMH

Lessons learned

As a child her non horsey parents purchased a “first horse” which was soon returned as unfortunately, it proved unsuitable. It took three horses before the right long term friend was found and with him, it was still a compromise due to some undisclosed issues.

As an adult Donna rehomed/sold a much loved pony to a “forever home” The pony was advertised with an open and honest advert with the hope of finding the right understanding home. Sadly, this proved not to be so. A year after the pony had been sold, Donna found out she was advertised for sale. After further investigation she had in fact been in numerous homes during that year and now no longer had her correct passport. Luckily an old owner of this horse was in a situation to take her back and she lived out her last year in a familiar and stable environment.

A statement from Rehome My Horse “Many lessons have been learned over the years. Honesty has a huge part to play and there really is no room for a disregard for this in the horse world. However, what is clear is that there needs for honesty on both sides, the owner and the party interested in the horse. There are many standards of riders and many types of horses and if there is openness and honesty all round, then a horse really can find its forever home”

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