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Products for Mud Fever

Products for Mud Fever - Product Feature - Winter Health

Here we take a look at products for mud fever - from creams to supplements, we've included some of the the latest and best loved products available to purchase to help your horse's winter, be a better one.

We all want what's best for our horses, especially over the cold and wet winter. Many horse owners are plagued by the onset of conditions due to the wet weather which can include mud fever, hoof rot and rain scald.

Seal to Heal from Groom Away

A spray-on transparent dressing for horses exposed to muddy conditions, Groom Away’s Seal to Heal forms a flexible barrier to protect against the bacteria found in mud.

A marked improvement can be seen within three to five days of use. Seal to Heal is ideal for areas where more conventional dressings are difficult to apply and is easy to use in an emergency, forming a protective layer to seal the epidermis and maintain moisture levels in just 60 seconds.

Use at the first sign of mud fever to contain the infection and speed healing. A year-round veterinary product, this is an essential item for every tack box.

RRP: £10

Purchase online

Mudrepeller and coat conditioner from Groom Away

Mudrepeller, from the Groom Away range, reduces stains and impairs mud adhesion.

The new formula offers instant shine and condition, coating individual hair strands and protecting against dust and stains. It will also help to prevent thinning of tails as the comb glides through.  

Once dry mud easily brushes off reducing mud related conditions and the need for harsh grooming. It leaves the coat feeling soft and silky. This spray saves hours of grooming time and also works on dogs!

RRP: £9

Purchase online

NETTEX Seven Day Mud Away

Seven Day Mud Away prevents mud building up on all areas of the horse’s body and, as the name suggests, you only need to apply it once a week. This clever spray prevents mud balling up and sticking to the horse’s coat, feathers, mane and tail, which means less grooming time and more time for riding.

Designed to be used whenever the horse is subjected to muddy conditions, Seven Day Mud Away can be applied before turn out, hacking on muddy bridlepaths or before an outdoor competition. 

The product cuts down the need for hosing legs with cold, icy water when it’s cold.

RRP: £5.05 for 250ml, £9.15 for 500ml

Purchase online

More products for mud fever available via Amazon

NETTEX Traditional Pig Oil

Nettex Traditional Pig Oil is a pharmaceutical grade oil that has been used for decades on horses and livestock. The oil creates a waterproof barrier against wet & muddy conditions and can prevent build-up of stable, muck and grass stains.

The product acts as a waterproof barrier for legs helping prevent prolonged mud contact: Apply liberally to dry legs using a soft brush or sponge. If the horse has heavy feathering you will need to ensure Traditional Pig Oil is massaged through the feather thoroughly to create an effective barrier. In very muddy conditions it may be necessary to wash the legs and allow to dry before reapplying.

The oil is ideal for draft horses and can be used to detangle manes and tails. May also help tackle lice and mites. 

RRP £15.85

For the full range of NETTEX products visit

Excel Repel Mud-eze Cream

Mud-eze Cream, from the Excel Repel range of horse health products, has been developed as a waterproof barrier cream to help protect the legs of horses exposed to mud and rain. 

Mud-eze cream acts as a barrier as well as a soothing cream, which enhances the skin's natural protective barrier, while also acting as a mild antiseptic to keep germs at bay whilst fighting against mud fever.

Ingredients: benzyl benzoate to soothe and moisten; liquid paraffin and waxes to moisten and form a waterproof barrier; glycerin to soften hard skin and scabs; allantoin to support new growth; sulphur as a gentle and effective germicide, and natural oils

RRP: £8.29

Size: 250g


Excel Repel Mud-eze Cream Excel

The Mud-eze range has been developed to help protect the legs of horses who are exposed to mud and rain.

Mud-eze Cream EXCEL (featured here) is an anti-microbial soothing cream specifically for the support of skin and hair that has already suffered damage from muddy and wet conditions.  This gentle but effective antiseptic cream will enhance the skin's natural barrier function while aiding re-growth.

Ingredients: includes silver sulfadiazine and sublimed flowers of sulphur which act as germicides; benzyl benzoate to soothe and moisten; liquid paraffin and waxes to moisten and form a waterproof barrier; glycerin to soften hard skin and scabs; allantoin to support new growth; and natural oils

RRP £10.99


More products for mud fever available via Amazon

Equimins Mud Block Lotion

A lotion for application to the lower legs in muddy conditions. Lotion can often prove easier to apply than cream especially when your horse has heavy feathers.

Containing colloidal silver, produced using an electrolysis method to hold the particles, provides potentially powerful healing properties.

Accompanies a selection of mud fever products, all available via the website or to purchase in local equine stores.

Sizes - Available in 500ml & 1ltr bottles

RRP - £12.95

Website -

Equimins Mud Block Cream

A soft easy to apply, non greasy cream with cetrimide, a powerful bacteriostat for application to the lower legs.

Particularly useful as a barrier in muddy conditions.

Can easily be washed off and re-applied each day.

Accompanies a selection of mud fever products, all available via the website or to purchase in local equine stores.

Sizes - Available in 500g & 1kg tubs

RRP - £8.90

Website -

NEW activ scrub

New from Robinsons Animal Healthcare, activ scrub. Anti-bacterial wash, Activ Scrub®, can be used to treat existing skin conditions caused by bacteria e.g. mud fever. They will help to remove any encrusted debris and scabs, thus removing any existing bacteria and dirt held in the scabs. This will then allow new clean scabs to form and the healing process to begin.

Available in a handy 500ml easy pump bottle.

Bulk buy £24 for four bottles

For more information visit

More products for mud fever available via Amazon


With winter fast approaching, looking after your horse’s skin becomes imperative to avoiding seasonal issues. Alongside a change of coat, reduced grooming time and long periods of time spent with rugs on, skin welfare can often be compromised. Now, alongside daily grooming and good hygiene practices, Aloeride is a supplement, which can help maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat from the inside out.

Aloeride is a totally palatable natural, certified organic aloe-vera supplement, which not only helps to promote healthy skin, condition hooves, encourage great coat shine and glossy locks, but also supports the immune system as well –another key factor to consider over the winter months.

Each box of Aloeride contains 30 sachets (30 days worth) equaling over 12 litres of aloe vera juice and its great to know that its also been tested by an accredited Newmarket laboratory and does not contain any synthetic compounds.

RRP: £55.20 per carton (Month’s supply) with discounts available on multi-purchases.


Golly Galoshes Equine Gaiters

If you are battling to keep your horse’s legs dry, clean and mud free both in the field and out hacking, then award winning Golly Galoshes could be the solution to expensive and messy potions and lotions!

Golly Galoshes are breathable and waterproof and designed to be worn over your horse’s boots and bandages to help prevent your horse’s protective legwear (and legs) getting soggy and muddy.

After use, simply remove (revealing clean, dry boots!), rinse off mud and/or hang to dry, incredibly lightweight with minimal drying time

Colours; Navy and Black through to fluorescent and reflective versions for safety out hacking

Prices start from £26.99 per pair Miniature Pony through to £35.99 for horse sizing.


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