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Mud Control – Tried and Tested from NETTEX

Tried and Tested NETTEX Everything HorseTried and Tested NETTEX Everything Horse

Mud Control Tried and Tested from NETTEX

This month we review two products from the NETTEX Mud Control Range ahead of the coming winter month’s.

Traditional Pig Oil

Used for many years as a reliable product to combat skin conditions during the winter, NETTEX Traditional Pig Oil, acts as a waterproof barrier on the horse’s legs to help protect from unwanted conditions such as Mud Fever.

Traditional Pig Oil from Nettex

Traditional Pig Oil from Nettex

Plenty of Product for your Money

The product comes in a 2 litre tub and retails at around £16.00, which we found useful especially when applying to a variety of horses as the product had to go a long way.

Easy to Apply

We tested the product on a selection of horses, a Thoroughbred with no feather, a Warmblood cross with medium feather and a heavy weight cob with substantial feather.

We applied the product on a sponge with the Thoroughbred and Warmblood cross. A little went a long way, and without much use each leg was sufficiently covered with the product. There’s no particular smell and there didn’t need to be a great deal of rubbing in to get the even coverage. Over the following days, when the horses were collected from an already muddy gate, the hoof areas held a reduced amount of mud. Once dried the mud was groomed away easily. Skin wasn’t inflamed, sore to the touch or damaged.

For the horse with substantial feather, the product was gently massaged through the hair with ease. As the oil has natural properties to detangle, we found it easier to run through with our hands. More product was needed, however when brought back in from the field the next day the feathers were easier to brush through and the hair closer to the skin was noticeably dryer.

The oil should be applied to the legs a couple of times a week at least, be careful not to overdo as a residue may build up.

Application tips

Wash and dry legs thoroughly, this is best done with an antibacterial wash, such as Robinson Animal Healthcares ….., and dry with a clean towel.

Apply NETTEX Traditional Pig Oil with a clean sponge to the back of the pastern and around the coronet area. Use any residue to wipe down the horse’s legs. For horses with feathers, rub the product into hands and comb through feathers from skin to end.


Avoid use on sore or irratated skin, at this point an antiseptic barrier cream could be used if turnout is necessary.

Other benefits

The product information states:

  • May help tackle mites
  • Detangles manes and tails
  • Can help prevent grass stains
  • Provides lusturious shine for showing

We also liked…

Included in this tried and tested was the NETTEX 7 Day Mud Away. Designed to be used once a week, this is another product in the NETTEX Mud Control range.

NETTEX Seven Day Mud AwayNETTEX Seven Day Mud Away

NETTEX Seven Day Mud Away

Easy to apply to the horses heals and legs, the spray bottle distributes the product evenly creating a seal to the hair helping mud fall away easier when dried and brushed off.

The 7 Day Mud Away comes in a 250ml and 500ml bottle with a spray nozel for ease of application and is again, excellent for de-tangling mane and tails. The spray needs to be, as the names suggests, applied once a week to clean and dry legs.

We liked this product as it was easy to use, the mud brushed away easily over the period of the week, provided the hair with instant protection and also acted well through tails that were long and trailing in mud.

TOP TIP: Shake the bottle well before applying to the horse as the spray distribution will work more effectively.

For a full range of Mud Control products from NETTEX please visit the website

Remember: When using mud guard/repellent products to still monitor the horse’s legs on a daily basis for sores, inflamed skin, scabs and cuts, as these are all points of entry for bacteria.

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