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Money Saving Tips for a Happy Horsey Winter

Money Saving Tips for a Happy Horsey Winter

Money Saving Tips for a Happy Horsey Winter

With costs mounting up over the winter you can hardly blame horse owners turning their attention to how costs can be cut without impacting our horses health. Here we’ve taken a look at top money saving tips for a happy horsey winter….If we’ve missed any off don’t forget to leave your advice below!

Remember, when using replacement products for your horse make sure they are not hazardous to animals! Be careful to read instructions and most importantly ingredients if the product(s) is not directly associated with horse care

  • Looking to organise the tack/feed room? Head down to your local bargain shop for hooks, plastic containers, stirring spoons and storage trays
  • Order in the large round bales of hay/haylage as they last for longer and work out cheaper
  • Try a DIY/Hardware store for door bolts, fastenings, padlocks, duck tape and buckets etc
  • It may sound simple but buy in bulk, not only may it attract a discount from your local store but think of the fuel and time you’ll save having it all on hand. Also discuss with yard mates and ask if they want to put into the order too
  • Use baby oil as a mud repellent, just don’t use it around the girth area!
  • Be extra nice to someone who has an apple tree in their back garden…
  • Consider going barefoot (the horse not you!) or having only shoes on the front if you don’t ride much over the winter
  • A good duvet under your horses stable rug does well, try and use an additional elasticated surcingle to secure
  • Share drives to the yard (as long as your mates live along the way!)
  • Stock up on cotton wool wrap, pads and plaster tape from your local supermarket
  • Cut up old bath towels up for drying down wet horse hair
  • When hiring a venue consider doing it with a friend, halving petrol, trailer and arena hire costs
  • A semi deep litter bed made up of a half/half is a great way to save money. Use a pellet as a base and shavings for the top. The wet will be fully absorbed by the pellets and will form a solid layer leaving a lighter and cleaner top layer. Do a full muck out once every 7- 10 days and replace bottom layer with more pellets. Great for a horse who grazes hi hocks when lying down and getting up
  • Sort out turn out and bring in between you all to prevent running to and from the yard twice a day, saving on fuel costs
  • When throwing a rug away, before you do take off the surcingles, buckles, tail guards and fillet strings/leg straps to keep for spares
  • Stock up on coffee, tea and dried milk/coffee-mate from your local B&M, saves stopping into a coffee drive-through on your way to the yard
  • Compare prices and use online shops like ebay and Amazon which offer free/cheap and quick delivery
  • Keep an eye out for Aldi’s equestrian range. They normally launch a new year/end of year variety of exceptionally cheap and good quality items.
  • When the vet comes out see if anyone else needs the vet too! Thus saving on call out
  • Shop around for insurance quotes to see if you can save money
  • Buy wormers in bulk! Not only does this keep you all on the same programme but online stores offer discounts on bulk buy
  • Turn yard water off at mains, if you have access. Drain the remaining from taps and hoses over night to prevent water freezing and being unable to use the following morning
  • Visit a local tack sale to either buy or sell unwanted items
  • Sudocrem can actually work well on mud fever, Vaseline will also act as a good barrier and is excellent to grease underneath the hoof to stop snow balls forming (if it snows of course)
  • Weigh your feed out and your nets too! Don’t feed more than recommended
  • Use several thinner turnout rugs together so you can layer up rather than just spending huge amounts of money on one turnout, this also gives you plenty of choice depending on the weather.
  • When finished mucking out grab your kitchen sink gloves to sieve through the bed to poo pick the last bits by hand cutting down the unnecessary bedding waste
  • Visit you local Tyre store and ask if they have any going to the tip, these are great for holding water buckets and feed buckets still in and out of  the stable

We hope our tips help out and you all enjoy another fabulous horsey winter!


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