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Mane and Tail Conditioner Reviews Everything Horse Magazine

Mane and Tail Conditioner ReviewMane and Tail Conditioner Review

Mane and Tail Conditioner Review Everything Horse Magazine

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The next best thing to a clean horse coat is a silky mane and tail. With this in mind, as spring has now officially arrived (as it said so on Facebook), we've taken time out to review the latest mane & tail conditioners, including a few shampoo's too!




NETTEX Mane & Tail Detangler

The NETTEX Mane & Tail detangler makes grooming a breeze. The fine mist cuts through tangles to leave a soft, and rather nice smelling, flowing mane and tail. The spray is quiet and covers a large surface area, making it ideal for those horses that are easily upset by the noise.

When applied regularly the spray helped prevent tangles and 'dreadlocks' from forming on those horses that enjoy a good roll in the muddy part of the field.

Ideal to apply to a wet mane and tail for combing through after shampooing to get a head start on any tangles that may lie ahead...

RRP £9.65 500ml



Tangleaway - GROOM AWAY

The tangleaway GROOM AWAY spray reduces hair breakage when brushing, for a tangle free and conditioned luxurious mane and tail. Great to use on the rest of the horse's coat leaving a natural shine and fresh fragrance.

Designed with an easy-t0-see on/off nozzle. 

Priced from £5.65 500ml

Search tangleaway for best product pricing

Equimins Grooming 

Lavender Shampoo £6.85 500ml 

This shampoo will not only lighten a dull coat but will also leave your horse, yard and hands smelling great! Bucket or brush, when applied a little goes a long way. Feathers were soft and shinny following a thorough drying through to the next day.

Ultra Silky Detangler £9.35 500ml

Easy to use dentangling mist from Equimins makes cutting through dirt and grime in manes and tails easy. 

Dry Clean £9.95 500ml

No need for water, just spray and brush away! Great for taking to shows to wash away last-minute stains from the box or for a touch up stubborn on stains that refuse to disappear when washing. Removes stable stains, sweat, grass, dirt and grease.

For all products visit

High Horse Conditioning Shampoo from Hilton Herbs

Easy to use either in water or when applied directly onto a water brush, the High Horse Conditioning Shampoo from Hilton Herbs is a welcome addition to your spring and summer showering routine. With natural whitening properties, the shampoo proved to be more than just a yummy smell and pretty colour, leaving horses' coats soft and clean....even the cremello!

RRP £10.96


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