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Let Equisense Care Help You and Your Horse

The Equisense Care BodysuitThe Equisense Care Bodysuit

Equisense Care

Let Equisense Care Help You and Your Horse

At the forefront of technology and innovation is the new Equisense Care App and body vest! There to help you monitor your horse when you are not able to, by offering a greater understanding of his current health, well-being and assisting in prevention of horse illness.

What Equisense Care is….

Equisense Care is a connected bodysuit, linked to a mobile application that evaluates the horse’s well-being and state of health in real-time thanks to 3G connectivity. It enables the owner to optimize his horse’s lifestyle and take action in the event of a problem.

It is wearable tech, adapted to the horse’s lifestyle and is designed to guarantee his comfort and safety all year round, as there is a summer version and a winter version.

Equisense Care Unit and Vest

Equisense Care Unit and Vest

Offering two levels of integration you can choose to purchase the suit to assist in the care of your horse when with him or you can choose to upgrade to a subscription plan that, thanks to 3G allows you to assess your horse when at work, out shopping or whenever you have internet access!


A Connected Body That Watches Over Your Horse, Any Time, Anywhere

Key Points and Features

When worn, the Equisense care body vest helps monitor;

  • Daily activity including sleep patters, movements of the horse and stress thanks to behavioral monitors
  • Continual health data recording including heart and respiratory rate, temperature and sudation
  • Comfortable to wear with a vest designed for summer and winter
  • App alerts when colic is suspected or if there is an accident in the field or box
  • Ability to monitor your horse’s well-being when stabled for long periods or on a journey
  • Recordable and sharable data for use when consulting vets, farriers and other equine health professionals


How will this help you and your horse?stress_en_mkup2x

The modern day domesticated horse is predisposed to numerous pathologies, which are often linked to training, but can also be the result of stress related to this lifestyle. The horse needs to be able to develop favorably in his surrounding environment, he must have the possibility to express behaviors particular to his species. By the monitoring of outcomes relative to his care and making sure his needs are met, that he is essentially happy and is settled in his daily routine we work towards a greater ability to reduce environmental stress and hope to prevent the resulting illnesses. The vast majority of horse owners are concerned with their animal’s well-being, but it is often difficult to evaluate and to know if the environment we offer him allows him to find his balance,

About Equisense

Founded during 2015 by Benoît Blancher, Camille Saute and Idriss Boumaza, Equisense’s initial product, Equisense Motion, was designed to concentrate and analyse the of motion of the horse and was launched through the Kickstarter campaign seeing a total of 947 backers! Since the Equisense were awarded the EIP (Innovative business) label by Hippolia in September 2015. Following the Equisense Motion success, the Equisense Care project soon followed this year.

“Our aim is to help riders practice equestrian sports that are more respectful of the characteristics and needs of each horse”

Benoît Blancher,
Equisense CEO and Cofounder

The idea behind Equisense came from an observation: equestrianism is a sport that involves an animal gifted with a great sensitivity that is not always easy to understand. With the digital revolution of connected objects, Benoît, Camille, and Idriss, passionate engineers and riders themselves, saw the opportunity to better understand their horses and improve the complicity each rider shares with their mount on a day-to-day basis. Whether related to either the horse’s well-being or health, many indicators can be measured with accuracy thanks to built in technology (heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, perspiration, movement, sleep, etc.).

Available on Pre-Order from November 21st – December 21st 2016

Following 6 months of product development and collecting data from horses in stables or out on pasture, Equisense is proud to unveil its connected body to the general public November 21, 2016 during a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter ( platform.

Backers will benefit from special prices (starting at €149 instead of €449) as well as 3 free months of subscription

In order for the product to be ready for commercialization, several months of work remain for the team. For its first users, Equisense Care will be available for preorder on Kickstarter from November 21 to December 21, 2016. Backers will benefit from special prices (starting at €149 instead of €449) as well as 3 free months of subscription. They will also become part of our community and participate in the final stages of the product.

“We are counting on the support of passionate owners and riders who share the same values as wedo: high standards, humility, perseverance, and respect for horses”

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