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Haygain Hay Steamers for Horse Health

HAYGAIN steamersHAYGAIN steamers

Haygain is a science driven company, with the horse’s health as a primary focus. They are committed to improving equine health through research and innovation in respiratory and digestive health issues.

“Developed by riders, for riders, we understand the importance of clean forage in maintaining the well-being of the horse” Haygain

Haygain hay steamers help your horse maintain a healthy respiratory and digestive system throughout the year, which can be difficult during the colder months when horses typically are kept inside for long periods of time. Increased exposure to dust from forage, bedding, feed and insufficient stable ventilation can all have a negative effect on your horse’s health. This is why professional trainers, riders and vets the world over use Haygain.

How does it work?

The thermally efficient steam chest maintains the steam volume and high temperature to ensure the respirable particles, fungal spores, bacteria and mites in the forage are eliminated. This ensures the forage is cleaner, more palatable and maintains its nutritional value.


A recent study showed 84% of horses examined suffered from Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD). One of the main causes of IAD is respirable dust and a major source of this is hay. IAD can limit an athletic horse’s performance.

NEW range of Haygain Steamers

NEW range of Haygain Steamers

Facts and Figures

Haygain hay steamers are the only scientifically proven method to dramatically reduce respirable dust in hay and kill mould, fungal spores and bacteria that can cause IAD.

Source: Dr. Julie Dauvillier and Dr. Emmanuelle van Erck-Westergren, 2013, 2014

 25% of people working with horses have a diagnosed respiratory condition such as asthma, not to mention all the hay fever suffers. Steamed hay effectively reduces these incidences.

Source: Gosling K (2014) The Prevalence of Human Respiratory Disorders in UK Equine Industry Personal BSc Thesis, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, UK.

Steaming hay drastically reduces water consumption. Filling a container for soaking hay typically uses 50 – 250 litres. The sheer volume of water used has an impact not just on water bills, but also on the environment.

Post-soak water is contaminated with bacteria, mould, WSC, proteins and minerals which leach out of the hay, making it an environmental pollutant which must not be disposed of in storm drains. Haygain steamers only use about 4 ½ litres of water per cycle and produce no environmental pollutants.

Source: Warr EM, Petch JL (1992) Effects of Soaking Hay on its Nutritional Quality. Eq.Vet.Edu. 5:169–171.

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