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Glue on Horse Shoes


Glue on Horse Shoes

Glue on Horse Shoes take the equestrian industry by storm…

Glushu are a new generation of “glue on horseshoes” that are taking the UK and Europe by storm.

An appetite for problem solving and a passion for hoof care brought together Gateshead Engineer John Wright and international Glue manufacturers Glue-U respectively to create a brand new glue on horse shoe for the 21st Century horse market.



Thanks to a combination of innovative design and the advances of glue technology Glushu have overcome the problems inherent in glue on shoes of the past.  GLUSHU uses the most advanced aluminium shoe, over moulded with a flexible cuff adhered using the most advanced “Shu-fit” glue to provide a completely non-invasive horse shoeing solution that lasts 6 to 12 weeks depending upon hoof growth.

Glushu is the closest thing to a natural hoof there is so they have also seen a great uptake in the “barefoot community” who are looking for a non-invasive alternative to nail on shoes for horses that need a bit of extra support.

Horse owner Katie Roberts: “I am a big barefoot fanatic and have had all my horses barefoot for the last few years, even when in competition. But after veterinary investigation of my British Eventing mare was found to have thin soles, arthritis and the start of navicular. 

On the vets advice I reluctantly nailed a half set of shoes on her. Then I heard about theGlushu and thought it sounded like the perfect alternative. She is now on her second half set and is very happy and comfortable in them.

There has been a definite shift in horse owner’s attitude to conventional horse shoeing. Glue on shoes are no longer inferior to nailed on shoes. Cutting edge engineering and glue technological advances have given horse owners the confidence to use glue on horse shoes as an everyday alternative to nailed on shoes.

For more information and testimonial from independent horse owners and farriers check out or join our Glushu community on Facebook


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