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Getting Back in the Saddle after Injury

Getting Back in the Saddle after InjuryGetting Back in the Saddle after Injury

Getting Back in the Saddle after Injury

Getting back in the saddle after injury can vary from a few days or even many months, so what advice should riders take in their road to recover? Très Health, is a unique health and fitness centre for equestrians working or living in London or in reach of London and offers a range of services from core strength training, massage, physiotherapy, life coaching and injury rehabilitation programmes. Based in Chelsea, Très Health Equestrian has the experts and the facilities to help riders become the best they can. Here are their 5 top tips following a fall..

  • First things first. If you do take a fall, then always get yourself checked out by a professional. Be it, hospital, doctor or physio. Even if think you might be just bruised, a fall or knock that have an effect on alignment of the body and cause uneven symmetry over time and impact on issues later on in life so always best to check!
  • Take things slowly. We know it’s tempting to get back on as soon as possible but follow medical advice and don’t push your body beyond it’s capacities in the early stages of recovery.
  • Don’t forget that your confidence can also take a knock after a fall, so don’t dismiss the mind as well. We offer life coaching as part our service as we feel it sits in harmony with our whole holistic approach to rider injury recovery.
  • Get yourself a physio recovery programme tailored specifically for you. Exercises, which you can do at home or at the gym, will help build strength and support your vision to get back in the saddle and/or improve.
  • Be prepared to take some steps back before you can really move forward after injury. Just like our horses, we don’t all mend at the same rate and at the speed we want, so have a focus and plan in place, but be prepared to adapt to accommodate long term health as oppose to a short fix which could have implications in the future.

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