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Fitting a Noseband VIDEO

Fitting a noseband emma butlerEmma Butler from Mark Butler Dressage

Fitting a Noseband – How to VIDEO

This month for our fitting a noseband feature, Everything Horse enlisted the help of Emma Butler. Emma, wife to Mark Butler from Mark Butler Dressage, helps out with the fitting of a drop, plain cavesson and flash noseband.

In our short, yet informative clip below, Emma goes through basic steps to over at home to make sure your noseband is fitted correctly. Making sure your horse’s noseband fits correctly is important for two reasons, firstly and most importantly so it isn’t causing the horse any harm or pain, but secondly so the action it is meant to take, is made and it is able to assist the horse and rider rather than hinder.

Many thanks to Emma Butler and the team at Mark Butler Dressage, and sponsors Swift Bedding, website

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