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Feature: Fly Repellent for Horses

Fly repellent for horsesFly repellent for horses

Fly repellent for horses

Without doubt, horse flies are the greatest summer obstacle to overcome for horses and owners alike.

There are may different ways to solve this problem; from roll-ons to silent mists, there is a wide range of products suitable for every type of application drama. Here we take a look at the different types of fly repellent.

Top Tip: Make sure fields are cleared from droppings on a regular basis, this will reduce the amount of flies surrounding your horse when out grazing.

Always test any new product on small area of skin 24 hours before applying to the body.

Tried & Tested - Excel Repel Horse and Rider, Fly Repellent

Horse and Rider Fly Spray is a natural repellent that can be applied to both human and horse that acts as a repellent midges, insects, horseflies and other biting insects. 

When applied the spray leaves a pleasant fragrances and lasts up to 8 hours. Ideally used in the morning for the daily protection to horses grazing.

Top Tip: When applying to the horse's face, apply directly to hand and wipe over ears, around the eyes and down the nose.

Ingredients include - 15% Icaridin, Bog myrtyl oil (itself an effective natural repellent against midges), vegetable waxes and softened water.

RRP £12.49


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